I spent $5K on a handbag, here’s why…

You might be wondering why someone in their right mind would spend so much on a bag, and some might call it excessive, but hear me out. I saw this question and immediately had a story to tell: Name the most expensive personal item you’ve ever purchased (not your home or car). A major moment in fashion news this year was Gucci re-releasing their famous … Continue reading I spent $5K on a handbag, here’s why…

3 Easy Steps to Styling on a Budget

I always scroll through Instagram seeing these fierce street-style looks on bloggers and celebrities, and I’ve wondered how I can achieve the same effect on a more realistic budget. I was inspired to try my hand at concocting an accessible, yet high-fashion look, and I finally think I’ve cracked the code to making chic-ness affordable! Here are my top three tips to slaying the OOTD … Continue reading 3 Easy Steps to Styling on a Budget

MDM Style Diaries – @ The Stardust Motel

The hubby and I wanted to get away for the weekend, so we headed up to our favorite hideaway in Lake Tahoe! Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short due to the forest fires in the area shutting down the hiking trails, but we still had a great time relaxing, eating some good food, and squeezing a few hikes in before the smoke got … Continue reading MDM Style Diaries – @ The Stardust Motel

3 Covetable Bag Trends for Fall

A new fashion season is coming soon, so you know what that means… You guessed it, new trends to try! Bags are an easy way to add trendiness to outfits, and are the perfect accessory for transitioning a wardrobe between seasons. As always, there’s a ton of bag trends out there for Fall, but here’s my faves that work not only for this season, but … Continue reading 3 Covetable Bag Trends for Fall

Three Sandals You Need Before Summer’s Over

This year especially, I’m beyond enjoying summer and I’m so not ready for it to end! I’m holding onto every bit of the warm weather that I can, and that’s been influencing a lot of my style lately! Sandals in general seem to be having more of a moment than ever right now; from strappy 90s-inspired styles to the ever-popular pool slide, open-toes are the … Continue reading Three Sandals You Need Before Summer’s Over

Are Phone Bags the New Fanny Pack?

After living in a pandemic for over a year now, it seems like we’re all opting for an important-things-only sort of outlook on life, and that’s been translating more and more to our accessories! One of the hottest trends right now is a streamlined take on hands-free bags: the crossbody phone bag. Made to hold just your smartphone and a few credit cards, phone bags … Continue reading Are Phone Bags the New Fanny Pack?

Brand Spotlight: Oliveve Handbags

I’ve never been a huge bag fan (shoes were always more my thing), but Oliveve Handbags is THE brand that changed it all for me! I discovered Oliveve Handbags on ShopBop in the inaugural year of MDM. My first bag of theirs was a sunny yellow leopard-printed haircalf wristlet that I had gotten on an end-of-season sale for close to 60% off. Something about its … Continue reading Brand Spotlight: Oliveve Handbags

The 3 It-Bags You Need this Season

I don’t know if it’s because we all haven’t been out much in the past year and therefore need a way to jazz up our sweatpants, or maybe we’re pre-planning our party looks for post-pandemic times; either way, the statement handbag seems to have reached cult-status as the must-have accessory in 2021. Several silhouettes have graced virtual runways and street style lookbooks this season, yet … Continue reading The 3 It-Bags You Need this Season