About Me…

Lover of the Uniqueness of Life | Fashion Devotee | Creator of Visual Art

Be the art you want to see in the world! That’s what I thought when I came up with the concept of Pumps & Protractors. Fashion has always been one of my dearest loves, but as for many of us upon making the journey into the “real world”, dressing up in fabulous frills did not become my 9 to 5. When I started college, I was very committed to never leaving the dorm without a Forever 21 statement necklace and perfectly coordinated beachy-chic essentials (perks of living in San Diego!). But, as the classes kept coming and that 4.0 became more elusive than ever, I found myself somewhat resigned to the typical college uniform of anything that’s clean, comfortable, and easy to throw on when running late. I still dressed up for dates and shopped the occasional Anthropologie sale with my mom, but part-time campus jobs didn’t really afford much in the way of eye-popping apparel.

Eventually, *cough- five years later* I graduated with my degree in engineering, found a job, and had a wedding in the works to my now-hubby. Oh, and I officially moved away from home for the first time, making the long journey from sunny San Diego to Denver, Colorado. Suffice it to say, I was a bit *overwhelmed* that all of this happened in the span of about a year and a half. To cope with all the change, I needed a project and I needed one fast! As I meditated on what it might be, my mind went back to the days when fashion was life. The more I thought about it, the more I missed the creativity and confidence clothes brought me back then. I missed having a point of view, a signature style when it came to what I wore. And that, my friends, is when Pumps & Protractors was born!

Fast forward to today. Fashion has become my passion, my escape from the trials and tragedies of this ever-changing world we live in. I still haven’t nailed down a definite style (Is it preppy? Boho chic? Festival-inspired? We may never know…), but hey, life is a journey, and the beauty is in the evolution right? So thank you for joining me on this visual quest, if you will, to become the art I’d like to see in the world! Hope you enjoy!

Xx Tabi