Are Phone Bags the New Fanny Pack?

After living in a pandemic for over a year now, it seems like we’re all opting for an important-things-only sort of outlook on life, and that’s been translating more and more to our accessories!

One of the hottest trends right now is a streamlined take on hands-free bags: the crossbody phone bag. Made to hold just your smartphone and a few credit cards, phone bags range from mini bags barely big enough for your phone to actual phone cases with long straps attached. Either way, these tech-toting creations are meant to minimize your carryall while maximizing style.

This one is from H&M- shop here!

Similar to how fanny packs (aka “bum bags” or “belt bags”) were given a chic upgrade and swept the Coachella-going crowds a few years ago for their ease of use and simplistic, hands-free features, phone bags seem to be the next best way to lighten your load. Don’t get me wrong, the belt bag is still here to stay, but the big bonus of phone bags is that their limited space means no rifling around to find what you need (and that means less things you touch when you’re out and about!). Plus, there’s something that just seems so fashion-forward about carrying a teeny bag! (And let’s be honest, with this past year teaching us to be more mindful of our choices, bringing a ton of stuff when going out isn’t really all that necessary in a lot of cases!)

One of my faves by up-and-coming brand House of Wantshop here!

This trend has really caught on, so there’s endless options in pretty much every price point and style. Here’s my top picks…

All About the Details

Accessories are one of my favorite places to express my personality, and there’s tons of phone bags that are far from plain!

Horizontal Silhouette

A more classic style, these ones look and feel really similar to a full-size handbag!

Accessorize Your Accessory

Additional pouches help keep things organized while making a little extra room for a lipstick or earbud case!


If you love the labels like I do, there’s tons of designer options in these teeny bags! Plus, they’re often a bit more affordable than a bigger style!

Which of these will you be rocking this season?!

Xx Tabi

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