Three Sandals You Need Before Summer’s Over

This year especially, I’m beyond enjoying summer and I’m so not ready for it to end! I’m holding onto every bit of the warm weather that I can, and that’s been influencing a lot of my style lately!

Sandals in general seem to be having more of a moment than ever right now; from strappy 90s-inspired styles to the ever-popular pool slide, open-toes are the best way to go! But, three styles in particular seem to be especially popular as summer starts to wind down, so jump on these ones ASAP!

Rope Sandals

These sandals have a sort of vintage seaside vibe to them, evoking days spent sailing or fishing down by the dock. It’s basically as if espadrilles evolved from having just a rope sole to the entire shoe, and it’s the quite the casual/chic look! There’s a ton of brands out there who have added their spin to this style, but there’s a ton of really inexpensive options!

MDM Style Tip- Pair these with wide leg cropped linen trousers and a striped pullover for a nautical-inspired look for chilly seaside nights!

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Puffy Flip Flops

The 90s is definitely back with a twist! This season, the classic flip flop filled out for a more voluptuous fit, and there’s very few things that look comfier than plush flops after a long day at the beach!

MDM Style Tip- Style these with silky trousers and a crop top for a modern approach to vacation dressing!

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Platform Pool Slides

Flip flops aren’t the only footwear that’s gotten a cushiony update this summer! Pool slides have gone from those harder plastic sport slides we all had as kids to pillowy platforms of luxury! This is the perfect choice if modern minimalism is your thing, and they’re incredibly versatile. With these, you can go from poolside to dinner without having to change shoes, and that’s a plus in my book!

MDM Style Tip- Wear these with a chic, strappy coverup and oversized rectangle sunglasses for an effortless vibe!

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Which sandals will you be wearing this summer?!

Xx Tabi

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