I spent $5K on a handbag, here’s why…

You might be wondering why someone in their right mind would spend so much on a bag, and some might call it excessive, but hear me out. I saw this question and immediately had a story to tell:

Name the most expensive personal item you’ve ever purchased (not your home or car).

A major moment in fashion news this year was Gucci re-releasing their famous horsebit bag à la Tom Ford. This resurgence in popularity of the style made vintage Gucci horsebit bags from Tom Ford’s last collection as head of the brand in 2004 skyrocket in value. So, of course, I had to get in on the action and hunt for one of the most covetable accessories of the season, and I started on the resale market. After researching Ford’s 2004 runway, I fell in love with this horsebit bag that featured green and yellow embossed accents and a dazzling modification to the classic horsebit hardware: two dragon heads. This style was even spotted on Kendall Jenner! A must-find, right?

Well, this style was harder to track down than just about any vintage piece I’ve ever sought after… After a month of research, the only one I found was from a seller located in the UK, and it had a hefty price tag of around $5K. Well, luckily Afterpay is a thing (lol), so after a little negotiating, it was on its way to me here in SoCal. The only thing that could stand in my way? US Customs…

My bag got stuck in customs for 5 weeks… Turns out when you buy a $5K item from overseas, they wanna give it a good look and verify information, so between gathering info from the seller and verifying, I grew nervous that the bag would never reach me.

Well, luckily, it did!! Finally! I was so excited I couldn’t contain it… My rare ooak Gucci horsebit bag was in my hands!

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, this is crazy and completely excessive. And I don’t dispute that.. I mean, two months of not buying anything else just to pay it off and waiting all that time to get… a bag? Yeah, okay, not one of my best decisions or finest moments, but was I 1000000% excited to have something so rare and iconic in my collection? Absolutely…

So there you have it, the most expensive personal item I’ve ever bought that wasn’t a house or car. I can say with fair certainty that this was a one time thing. Insane? Yes. Worth it for a fashionphile like me? Absolutely.

Xx Tabi

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