I tried the controversial “naked” fashion trend and have some tips for acing this risky style

One Spring 2023 fashion trend that’s been causing a ton of comment wars and controversy on Instagram is the “naked” trend. What is this you may ask? To put it bluntly, it’s basically the trend of wearing sheer items that are meant to show bras and underwear for an overall *bare* look… Not surprising that there’s been so much debate over this trend; people seem to either love it and appreciate the bold statement or absolutely hate it and use it to bolster political arguments (yikes, lol!).

If you want to know my opinion on this trend, here it goes! In all honesty, I’m surprised at just how flustered people have gotten over this trend; I guess nothing in the fashion industry trend-wise really surprises me anymore, especially since fashion is all about expression with beauty being in the eye of the beholder! Fashion is meant to be shocking sometimes, after all. I also want to point out in response to a lot of the comments questioning the wearability of “naked” fashion that clothes you see on the runway or in editorial settings often don’t or aren’t supposed to work for everyday wear. Taking editorials with a proverbial grain of salt and styling clothes and trends in a way that does work for everyday is what it’s about! I will say, though, I am definitely not 100% confident enough to feel comfortable wearing clothes that show everything I’ve got on any occasion, so I’m going to show you how you can incorporate the “naked” fashion trend without being overly exposed! Read on…

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I think the key to nailing this trend, like everything, is moderation. Yes, you may see celebrities walking red carpets in sheer dresses with nothing but skimpy undies and pasties underneath, but let’s be honest, do any of us really have the occasion to do that? That doesn’t mean you can’t play with sheer fabrics and underwear-as-outerwear styling; as long as you style it right and have the right occasion, there’s definitely something to be said for showing a little more skin.

I recently took the plunge with this trend after I was gifted a beautiful rhinestone mesh midi skirt that’s completely see-through (it even came with matching high waisted briefs to go underneath!). I wanted to style it in a way that made me feel comfortable, sexy, and fashion-forward without feeling overexposed. My general rule of thumb for fashion is that if you’re going to go bare on one part of your body, opt for fuller coverage on the rest. In this case, the bottom half was clearly the star, so I went with a vintage peplum polka dot blazer whose 80s lines and shoulder pads were pretty much the opposite of the slinky skirt. Tulle gloves echoed the sheer, lingerie-inspired styling of the skirt, but also tied in the prim proper-ness of the blazer. I also stuck with a pretty basic color palette of light pink and black so there wasn’t a lot of competition for the skirt. One other really important thing when wearing revealing fashion? Always make sure it’s intentionally revealing! There’s nothing that can ruin a look like an accidental nip slip or flashing moment, so whatever you’re wearing needs to stay put! Fashion tape is a great option, and trying things on before you wear them out is crucial to avoid unwanted mishaps.

Here’s the resulting look…

This ended up being one of my favorite looks to date! I will point out as a disclaimer, though, that I styled this exact look for the purpose of Instagram and my blog, so of course this isn’t something I’d walk into a grocery store wearing on any given day. If I wanted to wear this skirt for an upscale date night or girls’ night out, I’d probably choose a cozy chunky knit sweater on top and a pair of strappy heeled sandals with a plain handbag so the look was more wearable, but the same basic principles still apply: bare in one place, covered in another, and all about letting the statement piece be the star! Here’s a little ootn inspo…

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Overall, I am a fan of the “naked” fashion trend in moderation and on the right occasion. I wouldn’t go bare on both top and bottom, and I FOR SURE wouldn’t wear this kind of style to a family event or in a professional setting. But, if you are looking for a fun and flirty trend to try for an evening out with friends or a significant other, I think this can be a bold statement that’s very now and very fashion-forward! Just make sure you’re intentional with your styling, and make sure there won’t be any *wardrobe malfunctions*. If going so bare isn’t in your comfort zone, that’s okay! If you still want to try this trend in small doses, pick undergarments that are more full coverage, like a short or fuller bralette/tank top, to go under sheer pieces. Slip dresses can also be a great option, and you can switch up the colors to emphasize the mesh you’re wearing on top. (A bright color under black mesh fabric can be a great pop!) Here’s some styling ideas…

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This dress gives the illusion of being bare, but there are solid panels along the bust and bottom for more coverage so no need for showing undies! Shop by clicking the image or clicking here!

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Xx Tabi

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