I bought Kendall Jenner’s favorite Tom Ford-era Gucci bag… Here’s what I’m wearing it with!

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians (and Jenners) lately (pun intended), you’ve probably seen Kendall Jenner repeatedly sporting one very specific spring/summer 2004 Gucci bag from the Tom Ford era. Her Tom Ford Gucci horsebit bag is one of the rarest styles; instead of their usual horsebit hardware, the designer went for the opposite of subtle with bejeweled serpent heads making up the horsebit, and finished the style off with classic guccissima fabric, colorful croc embossed panels, jewel-toned studs, and a chunky bamboo chain handle for one heck of a riff on a classic. This particular style has become incredibly coveted after House of Gucci revived public interest in the brand’s history, and it’s THE bag to invest in now according to Vogue since Gucci has released re editions of their original horsebit clutch their recent collections.

The Kendall Jenner Gucci Tom Ford serpent bag

Okay, I can barely keep it in any longer… I FOUND ONE!!! Yes, the same style and color as Kendall Jenner’s favorite Gucci bag! And I bought it!! After a LOT of shipping delays, customs holds, and obsessively checking the tracking number every day, I am ECSTATIC to say I finally have this beauty in my collection!! I spent weeks scouring the corners of the internet for this exact bag, and it’s no wonder Kendall Jenner loves hers so much! The quality of craftsmanship is just exquisite: the hardware is ultra-heavy, the serpent horsebit is jewelry-like, and the colors still pop after almost 20 years. Was it a massive hassle that will probably give me a few grey hairs? Yep. Was it completely and totally worth it? 1000%!

Yeah, I know I’m a bit crazy but fashion gives me that fire! I love delving into the history of iconic fashion houses and learning about the designers that changed the course of style over the years. Finding rare and covetable designer pieces is like catnip to me! What I love the most, though, is taking pieces from their former life to a whole new one with styling, so here’s how I styled and wore Kendall Jenner’s favorite Gucci Tom Ford bag…

Even though I can’t find this exact colorway of the iconic Gucci Tom Ford serpent horsebit clutch, there are some yummy options out there from the fall/winter collection of this same era that look just as cute!! Shop them below by clicking the photos…

What do you think? Will you be investing in this classic bag? Let me know in the comments and be sure to subscribe for more rare and vintage designer fashion finds!

Xx Tabi

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