The 2023 festival style guide ft. Zara woman

Lemme tell you a little secret… I’ve never *actually* been to a music festival like Coachella persay… But, festival fashion season is one of my favorite times of the year because it’s all about freedom and a carefree attitude combined with bold statements that you can’t find on any other occasion! Bohemian yet edgy, rocker inspired, and strategically skin baring are the phrases of the day when it comes to festival style, and one of my favorite retailers to find festival-ready fashion at a budget-friendly price is Zara. Zara just dropped their Zara studio 2023 collection called Spirited Romance, and it’s just that! This collection combined with the rest of their Zara new in pieces are perfect for creating the perfect festival capsule wardrobe regardless of whether you’re headed out to the desert or watching from a little closer to home. Here’s my curated selection of the best Zara festival styles; shop below!

Keep an eye out on Zara new in for more cute festival styles coming soon – click here to shop!

Warm, earthy tones, mixed metallics, sheer fabrics, and retro-inspired styles are what’s inspiring me this festival season! Touches of feathers, lace, and patchwork add romanticism to your look, while chunky belts and sleek cutouts amp up the glam. Look for shoes you can party all night in; platforms and booties are favorites of mine for both comfort and style! One of my favorite ways to add depth and interest to any look, especially festival ootds, is to mix a lot of textures with patterns and metallics; think soft, shimmery gold knits with contrasting silver jewelry and leather, or tie dye draping with sequins. Shop each piece below by clicking the image or the caption…

Zara metallic caftan – shop here
Zara feather bib necklace – shop here
Zara printed cutout dress – shop here
Zara sequin bomber jacket – shop
Zara beaded bag – shop here
Zara cutout dress – shop here
Zara coin belt – shop here
Zara patchwork vest – shop here
Zara western boots – shop here
Zara shoulder bag – shop here
Zara lace dress – shop here
Zara suede clogs – shop here
Zara snake belt – shop here

Which Zara festival clothes are you shopping this festival season? Let me know your faves in the comments and be sure to subscribe to my blog for more Zara fashion finds!

Xx Tabi

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