how to be successful in affiliate marketing

Being a brand affiliate usually means that the brand will give you a commission for promoting their products every time someone purchases through your link online. It’s become one of the most popular ways for creators to make money through social media, and can be a great source of supplemental income if you do it wisely! Here’s what I’ve learned as an affiliate and how you can take these lessons to be successful in your own affiliate marketing journey…

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Find out who your audience is & what they like to buy…

Pretty much all social media platforms have an insights feature nowadays, so doing your research & finding out who your audience is can help you make more sales.

For example, Instagram will tell you things like where your followers are from (like the percentage of people in each country or state), the percent of men vs. women, and the percentage of different age groups. All of this data can help you make informed decisions about the kinds of products you’re going to promote by analyzing the demographic of the majority of your audience.

Example of a story poll I posted on Instagram^

Polling your audience is super helpful to determining what they wanna buy too! Whatever your main platform is for sharing your links (for me, it’s Instagram!), create an interactive story post where your followers can answer what they are in the market for at the moment. Once you know what the majority are looking for, link more items and brands in that category to hopefully see an increase in clicks/sales!

Look at past data to see what performed best…

This is true for all social media posts, not just affiliate marketing! See which items or categories sold the most for you in the past or drove the most traffic, and focus your energy there! A lot of affiliate dashboards will give you insights, so it’s pretty easy to see what people are loving!

Example insights from LTK

If you’re on LTK like me, each post you post will show you how many people liked it and how many purchases were made. They’ll also show you things like clicks vs. items bought!

Spread the word organically!

Sometimes, the most effective form of advertising is word of mouth! Tell your friends and family members that you can make them links for some things they need to buy online and explain that it’s free to them but gives you commission. I’ve gotten a lot of support from family members and it’s helped me get my foot in the door with making sales!

If you’re interested in becoming a LTK influencer, let me know in the comments and I can give you a referral that speeds up the application process!

Hope these tips help make you a little extra on the side and help you find success as an affiliate partner!

Xx Tabi

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