6 tips for going blonde without damaging your hair

I’ve had pretty much every hair color under the sun. I’m naturally a mousy brunette, and I’ve been a redhead, super dark to almost black, and now I’m going blonde! I love a good change every once and a while, can’t you tell?

The trouble is, changing your look can sometimes damage your hair, especially when bleaching, so I’ve put together my go-to’s to make sure your name stays luxurious throughout the process! Read on…

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Lighten Gradually

Highlights are an effective and less damaging way to ease your hair into blonde. Especially if your hair is darker (like mine!) doing baby lights will help you achieve that allover dimensional blonde after a few sessions. It’s not as instant of a change at first, but it’s important to let your hair rest for a few months in between each session so you don’t get too much breakage!

Me in the process of getting my second round of highlights…

One Word: Olaplex

And two words: life changing. If you aren’t familiar, Olaplex is a bond building hair treatment that a lot of salons use that you can also purchase for home use. It’s basically a spray on solution followed by a cream that helps mend breakages in your hair strands. I notice a big difference in the feel of my hair after using it, and my split ends are much less noticeable! The way I find it helps the most is to really saturate your hair with the spray (focusing on the ends and length), then apply the cream, cover your head with a hair cap or shower cap, and leave it on overnight or as long as you can before washing out.

My ends after using Olaplex (this is after three months of not having a hair cut & my past bleaching session)

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Washing Less and Naturally is Best

I know it’s a bit controversial of a hair care technique, but it really makes a difference not washing your hair everyday and using gentle, natural, and sulfate free shampoos/conditioners when you do. I wash my hair probably about twice a week at the most, unless we’re doing a lot of water sports, and I always make sure to dry the roots of my hair with a hair dryer after washing. This helps prevent the hair from getting greasy too quickly, and since I have a bit of dermatitis on my scalp, it’s a must to keep the roots dry to avoid a flare up. The best shampoo for natural hair care that I’ve found so far is by Unwash. It’s a shampoo/conditioner in one that I sometimes pair with their scalp scrub to remove buildup, and it’s very gentle and non-drying. (PS – this is the best shampoo and conditioner on Amazon IMO!)

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Sleep on Silk

Another popular hair care technique that’s become mainstream the past few years is having a silk pillowcase, and even silk sleeping cap, to keep breakage at bay while you snooze! Bonus- it also helps your skin stay wrinkle free too! I use both a silk pillowcase and sleeping cap since I have really long hair, and it stays nice and cool at night for a comfy sleep. Pop on a silk sleeping eye mask and you’re all set for a night of posh relaxation!

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Avoid Heat

Other than the twice weekly blow dry, I usually embrace my hair’s natural wavy texture and forego heat. And, any time I do use heat, a natural heat protectant cream is a must! This is one of the best tactics to avoid split ends.

This is my natural hair texture!

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Sunscreen & Moisturizers Aren’t Just for Skin

Your hair, especially the ends, needs moisturizing about as often as your skin. I rub a little hair oil in my hands and apply to my ends twice a day. If I know I’m going to be out in the sun, I use sunscreen for hair to avoid excess damage.

I’ve been loving this hair oil by Soley Iceland!

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Wishing you all the best in your hair transformations! Drop your questions below and I’d be happy to answer!

Xx Tabi

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