5 tips to keep stress under control while moving

The hubby and I have recently started the process to buying a home for the first time, and oh boy are things stressful! We haven’t even started touring homes yet and between all the financial cats that need corralling, all the people to talk to, and trying to figure out what we can afford, it’s quite the undertaking to say the least!

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While it can be really easy to find yourself lost in the process, it can also be such a fun time too if you take the steps necessary to keep you grounded! As we go through this journey as first-time homebuyers, here’s what I’ve found to be super helpful to alleviate some of the stress that goes along with moving and the whole process…

Talk it Out

If you’re moving with a spouse or significant other, then you know how it can be kind of a struggle. Sometimes you both will think you’re on the same page, but once you start getting into the nitty gritty of what kind of home and features you’re actually looking for, it can be surprising how quickly your differences come out.

This is why communication is so important when buying a home or moving. Take some time, undistracted, to sit down with each other and discuss your needs both individually and as a couple. What kind of things are non-negotiable for you? Which things can you compromise on? The biggest thing here is to make sure you are actively listening to your partner’s feelings, and that you’re being heard as well. Being flexible with things is also key; it can come to a stalemate if no one’s willing to bend!

Make Lists

Making lists and maintaining them actively is a great way to stay organized, and ensure you’re staying on track with what you’re looking for/where you are in the process!

For us, we’ve written down just about every piece of financial advice and information we’ve received, saved off listings of homes we like, and started a list of exactly what we’re looking for (even breaking it down into what’s a must vs. what’s nice to have!). There’s a ton of information coming your way in the moving process, so keeping all that information straight and easily accessible is so important to limiting the amount of stress that you experience!

Ask for Advice

Do you have friends or relatives who recently bought homes, acquaintances who work in the real estate industry, or connections to financial advisors you’re already familiar with? Asking for advice and input from someone you trust when you’re doing your research is 10000% helpful in getting the right information! Plus, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer, the process can often feel pretty foreign and uncomfortable, so having someone on your side that helps you feel comfortable and secure is the best thing for reducing stress.

Take a Step Back

This is probably my biggest piece of advice for reducing moving stress. Commit to taking a step back every so often so that you (& your partner too!) can see things from a less-emotional perspective. Moving and buying a home is going to be emotional and stressful; I mean, you’re choosing where you’re going to live for the next several years and spending a lot of money on your decision! There’s always going to be the question in your head wondering if you made the right decision, or if it’s worth the sacrifices and strain. If you’re anything like me, tears can and will be shed, arguments with your spouse will be had, but at the end of the day, you need to remind yourself why you’re doing this and that the end goal to own a nice home is worth the struggles.

Hire Reliable Help

Having the right team by your side is so important to ensuring your home buying and moving process is smooth and as stress-free as possible. Start by choosing a real estate agent you trust or have connections with, and when the time comes for you to move, be sure to go with a professional moving service to make things easier.

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I hope all these tips will help make your next move easily and without a ton of stress! I’ll keep you posted on our journey, too!

Xx Tabi

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