5 photo props every fashion blogger needs

Props always make photos more fun, and they add a little extra visual interest, especially if you’re shooting in an indoor location.

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Here are five photo props that I love and use over & over again on my feed…

1 | Neon Hanger

This one is perfect for product shots and even to display a special piece in your closet! Plus, it’s got a USB power plug, so you could take it on the go with your laptop or a power bank! Shop below..

2 | Funky Full-Length Mirror

Create a designated spot for all your OOTD pics! A funky full length mirror looks great in photos and can become a signature part of your feed! It’s super easy to DIY one, so check out my post for how to make your own! If you’re not into crafting, though, here’s some premade options:

3 | Disco Balls

Disco balls are just plain fun! Plus, this is one prop you won’t mind displaying when you’re not using it! I have several of varying sizes, and they’re so fun for photo shoots, product photography, interior design, vibe-y photos and so much more. Get that disco *aesthetic* below…

4 | Neon Sign

This is another one that’s fun to photograph and display! My obsession with neon signs probably comes from my favorite vacations in Vegas, but they’re just so cool! I love this one with a bunch of lips, but there’s lots of cute options!

5 | Colorful Curtains

Colorful curtains are the perfect accent to any fashion blogger’s room, and they make a great backdrop for photos and videos that won’t take up a ton of space (unlike freestanding backdrops). I got these ones cheap from Amazon, and there’s lots of colors!

What are some of your favorite content creation essential? Drop a comment below!

Xx Tabi

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