how to diy your own spray foam mirror

Lately, a home decor trend has been sweeping social media: cake frosting aka spray foam mirrors! (Peep my Pinterest below!)

This frothy, Insta-worthy creation might look complicated, but it is so easy to diy! I made a slightly more complicated version just because of the painted pattern and lighted frame, but they’re so pretty left au naturale too! Here’s how I did it…

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DIY Spray Foam Mirror

You will need:

  • Spray insulation foam (I got mine from Home Depot- linked here)
  • Mirror (I got mine from Target for under $20- linked here!)
  • Drop cloths or newspapers (I used this)
  • Paint cans or soup cans (to elevate the mirror)
  • Sand paper (small grit is fine)
  • Strip of rope lights with adhesive (optional- I got mine from Target, linked here)
  • Acrylic paint in satin finish (optional- here’s the one I chose)
  • Small paint brushes (optional- here’s what I used)

Getting Started

First, lay down the drop cloths/newspapers to cover your workspace (choose a well-ventilated area!). The foam can be messy and is pretty sticky, so make sure the area is well-covered!

I used painter’s tape and a roll of paper!

Position the paint cans or soup cans in the configuration that will best support the shape of your mirror. I used three paint cans and put them in a straight line since I was decorating a long floor mirror. I also put some old towels over the paint cans to cushion the mirror a bit more, but I could’ve gone without them; it’s probably fine either way!

Using the Spray Foam

Before you use the foam, use a little sandpaper to rough up the edges of the mirror or frame where you’ll be spraying so that the foam sticks.

Follow the instructions on the spray foam can, then you’re ready to start! Squeeze a little foam out slowly onto a piece of spare paper, then start applying to your mirror. I did mine in a wavy pattern, but you could try swirls or anything else that looks cool! PS- try to get good coverage but don’t worry if there’s little gaps, the foam expands as it sits so it should fill in.

If you have any big gaps, you can go over them again with more foam and they should disappear.

Read the label on the foam can to see how long it’ll take to dry (mine was about 8 hours) before you begin painting.

Painting Your Mirror

Once the foam has fully dried, use your acrylic paint and brushes to paint your new mirror frame. The foam will have a bit of an off-white color to it, so you could leave it natural or paint it for the desired look. If you prefer to paint the whole frame a solid color, spray paint will probably be your best bet for quicker coverage! Just be sure to tape off your mirror so you don’t get any overspray on the glass.

Adding Lights

Once the paint dries, prop your mirror up against a wall facedown, then peel the backing off your rope lights and stick them to the back.

Last but not least, enjoy posting all about your new mirror!

Comment below with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer! It’s really such a fun, easy project that yields awesome results, so I’d 1000% recommend giving it a try!

Xx Tabi

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