how to take product photos & flatlays like a pro

As bloggers, product photography is becoming more and more of a requirement in collaborations. Brands often want to see their stuff showcased in a way that fits with their brand, while also showing off your own artistic style. This is one of those things I’ve really struggled with as a creator, but after a lot of research and trials, I’ve compiled a lot of helpful tips to make sure you don’t have the same issues! Read on…

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Tip #1 – Lighting is Everything

Just like in your regular Insta photos, good lighting is really the key to engaging photos. This doesn’t always have to be bright lighting per say, but either way people want to be able to see the product you’re promoting along with the brand name and some details, so keep this in mind first and foremost! Another lighting tip- a lot of brands I’ve worked with seem to prefer photos taken in natural sunlight, and it does give that “aesthetic” look we all love on the feed.

If you’ve got cloudy weather or just not a good space with a lot of sunlight, I found this photography light booth on Amazon that works AMAZINGLY for getting the perfect product shots! You can change the temperature of the light (warm or cool) and it comes with a lot of backgrounds to match your feed’s color scheme! Shop my photography lighting picks below!

Tip #2 – Accessorize the Product

A lot of times, jazzing your product up with some of your own accessories can help you make your audience feel like your post is authentic, that you actually use and love the product you’re promoting.

Adding a few pieces of jewelry, or a purse and sunglasses is a great way to avoid the “stock product photo” feeling!

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If your brand does want you to showcase the item without any other brands or jewelry in the shot (some are super specific- I have been asked to do so!), try opting for a location that resonates with you and your brand as the backdrop (like the beach!) and pose with the products!

Tip #3 – Backgrounds Matter!

When doing product photography, often times the best background is a simple one so the focus stays on the item and any relevant brand names you’re trying to highlight.

My favorite tip for an easy diy product backdrop? Try an old white pillowcase for smaller items or a white sheet for larger ones! Move them into a sunny space for maximum contrast! A piece of colorful card stock paper or an old mirror also works wonders! Shop some of my favorite photography backdrops below…

Tip #4 – Tastefully Show Branding

This is especially true if you’re photographing designer bags or something else where the brand is important! Show it off in an instantly recognizable, but not overpowering way.

Hold your bag on your lap with a bit of your hand showing or set your bag on a table with your drink for an easy, breezy, casual vibe. Or, take the product box and incorporate it into the image (if it’s pretty haha)!

Tip #5 – Arrange by Color

When photographing a bunch of things at once, like shoes for example, pay attention to how you line them up. Try to group colors that complement each other around the shot so that the eye is drawn around the photo, not just to one spot.

No color should be dominating just one part of your photo; try distributing your color palette evenly to add visual interest and keep people engaged in the whole image!

I hope this helped!! I’m always learning with photography, so don’t feel pressured to be perfect or like your photos have to be like someone else’s! Feel free to drop any questions in the comments!

Happy creating!

Xx Tabi

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