A Fashionista’s Favorite Things – Fall Edition

Living in San Diego means that a lot of the traditional Fall things (like raking leaves or making fires in the fireplace) aren’t really possible, but there’s still plenty to enjoy about the season for us beach folks! Inspired by Oprah and her list of favorite things, here’s my fashionista’s favorites for Fall!

1| Faux Leather Bucket Hat

Faux leather is a Fall staple & adding it to your accessories is an unexpected way to easily mix in some trendiness to your look for not a lot of $$. This one by Aritzia is sooo soft and buttery, you’ll be questioning how it’s not real leather! Plus, it’s only $35!

2| Faux Fur Jacket

Nastygal is my guilty pleasure for seasonal outerwear that doesn’t cost a lot! This faux fur aviator style jacket is perfect for cozy Fall days or evenings, and the sage color is totally fresh! (Buh bye boring jackets!)

3| Fireplace Candelabra

There’s a few reasons I love (and have) this candelabra: first, our current home is pretty old (built in 1978!), so the fireplace doesn’t exactly work for burning logs since it’s not up to code. Second, California weather is hardly ever cold enough to use a fireplace even if you do have one. Case in point? This candelabra is perfect for that romantic fireplace look, minus the heat, cleanup, and hassle! (Here it is in ours!)

4| Plaid Socks

There’s nothing like a good pair of socks, so why not show ‘em off?! A punchy-colored plaid is perfect for bringing a little color to your neutral Fall looks!

5| Balsam & Fir Candle

I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice (sorry PSL fans!), but I loooove woodsy scents this time of year! Anthropologie’s candles smell amazing, even when burning, and the jar can be used as a cute catch-all when you’re done with it! Plus, candles make great gifts!

6| Apple Picking

Probably my favorite Fall activity! SoCal has tons of apple orchards close by, and we love going as a family! The secret is to go before it’s too late in the season so the good apples are still there! (Check out our family photo from Oak Glen this year!)

7| Croc Embossed Shoulder Bag

Croc embossed textures are my favorite this season! It brings visual interest to any look, and a shoulder bag is really versatile + trendy. I love the little extra detail on this one from Staud!

8| Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos Tea

I’m a tea-holic for sure… I have at least two cups a day! The thing is, I can’t do caffeine AT ALL (especially important to avoid when you have PMDD and anxiety!), so my favorite alternative is Rooibos, it’s caffeine free and really good for you, too! The touch of Madagascar vanilla in this one is slightly sweet and soo good this time of year.

9| Steamed Buns @ Din Tai Fung

This place is booked out a month in advance for reservations and is one of the most popular places in La Jolla; for good reason, too! Their food is FANTASTIC, I can’t emphasize it enough! We waited two hours for lunch this past weekend but it was so worth it! Great food & atmosphere, plus the experience was so fun. I love shareables, and each thing we had was so so good! Definitely one of my favorite things this Fall (& always!).

10| Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw

The best for last… my Fall home staple! Pottery Barn has the best faux fur throw blankets hands-down; they’re soo soft! I always have a few of these around the house this time of year, and they’re great for gifts!

This is just the beginning of my favorite Fall things; there were too many to count! I love this time of year, and I’m so excited for all the coziness to come!

What are your favorite Fall things?

Xx Tabi

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