Forget the Ped Socks – This is How to Wear Socks in 2021

Socks were once thought of as just something you wear with sneakers or boots to protect your toes, but no longer! Instead of taking a back seat, socks are now front and center, and a big part of your overall style statement!

Long story short- the white crew socks that many 90s dads wore with their lawn-mowing shoes or with sandals on the family vacation have gotten a major upgrade, and are something worth showing off!

My growing collection of fun socks!

This year, you can find variations from sheer to ribbed, plaid to floral, and everything in between. Delicate lettuce edges pack a feminine punch, and embellishments like pearls or jewels bring the bling.

You might be wondering a few things. Maybe like: “What’s so special about colorful socks? Haven’t they been around forever?“ Well yes, in short, they have! Colorful hosiery isn’t anything new necessarily, but they way it’s made a comeback this year is crazy! I mean, have you seen Dior’s reimagined take on the athletic sock or Fendi’s cozy scrunched socks?!

The thing is, after a few years of staying at home and being comfy, who wouldn’t want at least a little of the comfort to endure now that we’re out and about again? (And another reason to wear socks with everything this Fall? You can still show off those warm-weather sandals and your feet will stay toasty!)

How to Wear Them

My favorite way to wear fun socks is to coordinate them with the colors of my look! Pick one or two colors from your ‘fit and match your socks. Or, you can always plan a neutral look and make your socks the stand out! Either way, have fun with it!

As far as what shoes to wear, I love either strappy sandals or Mary Janes because they really show off the socks, but loafers or sneakers can be cute too! Just make sure your bottoms are short enough so you can see them!

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Xx Tabi

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