Style Diaries- Sightseeing in San Diego

This past weekend, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend flew out here to San Diego for a weekend of enjoying all that this stunning city we call home has to offer! Between water sports, late-night arcades, and lots of food, here’s what I wore for our weekend spent being local tourists…

Arcade Games @ Belmont Park…

Belmont park is one of those places that just feels like the quintessential beach boardwalk. Campy midway games, an arcade, and a wooden roller coaster all add to that old-fashioned seaside carnival feel. This was our first stop the night that our guests got in, and we had so much fun double-dating! We played our favorite arcade games, took some photos, and I tried my (unsuccessful) hand at winning a stuffed sloth from one of those claw machines. (I actually ended up just ordering the sloth on eBay after around $40 worth of tries…)

Wearing: Farm Rio / J.Crew / Dollskill / Sugarfix by Baublebar / House of Want

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Wandering Around Downtown…

One of our favorite places to take out-of-town guests is downtown San Diego, particularly Miguel’s, our favorite Mexican food restaurant on Portside Pier! The views are great, the food is even better, and there’s lots of sights to see within walking distance, so it’s a must see spot for sure!

Wearing: Twisted Wunder via ASOS / Oliveve Handbags / H&M / Amazon Fashion

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Couple’s Cruise in Coronado…

One thing my hubby and I have never done (despite living in San Diego on and off for so many years) has been to rent these pedi-cab things that everyone takes around the city. Our visiting friends thought it would be fun to ride them around Coronado Island, so we stopped by a local rental place and set off! Even though I picked flats and a romper to wear, pedaling 6 miles on a warm, humid San Diego day was NOT an easy feat! Luckily we got some cute photos out of it and checked another thing off our local-tourist bucket list!

Wearing: Zara / Lack of Color / Bill Blass / Dolce & Gabbana

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