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As dog parents, the dog beach in Coronado, California is one of our favorite spots in San Diego. One of the smaller dog beaches in the areas, this spot is frequented by lots of locals and still has that community feel. Since the hubby and I work during the week, we usually try to go early on the weekends to avoid crowds and enjoy the cooler morning weather.

The Drive

The Coronado dog beach is about 20 minutes away from where we live, just down the 5 freeway. The most exciting part of the drive for us is going over the Coronado Bridge. The bridge is probably the most popular way to get onto the island (which technically isn’t an island at all; it’s actually a peninsula whose attachment to the mainland is pretty out of the way of the main town) and by far the most spectacular view of the downtown San Diego area and its surrounding shipyards.

The Beach

Parking on busier weekends can be tricky as there’s no real parking lot, just street parking on the main road and residential streets. The dog beach itself is tucked away on the western end of Coronado beach, right up against the North Island Naval Air Station , which makes it a cool vantage point to spot some returning and departing military aircraft. There’s a long mat leading out through the sand (helpful for those who want to bring coolers and other rolling items!), a dog wash station, and water fountains for both humans and pups. Plus, the wildflowers and ice plants growing on the dunes add to the overall charm and secluded-ness of the spot.

Most of the pups we’ve met at the dog beach here have been quite friendly and ready to play. I will say, most of the dogs that tend to go here are on the larger size, so small dogs may feel a bit intimidated if they aren’t used to bigger friends. Our sweet Emma is a year old and almost 70 lbs, so she’s quite comfortable with some rough and tumble fun!

The Look

I always go casual at the dog beach. I mean, who wouldn’t?? With a bunch of sandy, wet pups around, it’s pretty much impossible to do more than that! When it’s warmer, I opt for a bathing suit, but on cooler mornings I like to bundle up in leggings and a sweater/sweatshirt.

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Xx Tabi

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