MDM Style Diaries – Denver Cowgirl Meets SoCal Sunshine

Hi friends! Is it just me, or do the work weeks keep getting longer and longer? There’s so much going on in my life that sometimes it seems like things are hurtling past at light speed! But, among all the craziness, I’ve found myself a bit nostalgic as of late.

This time last year, my husband and I were packing up everything we owned, and the life we built together in Denver, Colorado to move back to my home state of California and start fresh. I remember the careful packing that quickly devolved into a time-crunched shove into two PODs containers, barely sleeping the last night in our first home together as we slept on a deflating air mattress, and the last-minute Tetris game of loading my Volkswagen Beetle with my small host of plants, a small selection of essentials we’d need until our PODs were delivered, us, and the pup. I remember the freedom I felt as we left the state that never quite felt like home, heading towards the unknown future we’d hoped for for so long, and the mixture of surprise and excitement we felt when we first walked into the home we had signed a one-year lease on sight-unseen.

It was quite a journey, one I always knew would be better for us in the long run. While it was difficult to leave behind my husband’s side of the family, we both felt so much happier in a warmer state that was closer to the ocean and all of our favorite things to do. If anything, this trip taught me the importance of listening to your heart, and pursuing risks if they will get you to where you ultimately want to be.

While there’s still goals we have in the near term, and adjustments we need to make to more closely align with our dreams, I can honestly say I regret nothing when it came to our choice. I think that’s the thing about life: if you don’t like where you are or where you’re going, you always have the power to start over and live the life you dream of. Food for thought in these crazy times for sure!

Xx Tabi

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