Are Skinny Jeans Really Over?

This is one of those controversial fashion topics that I’m really on the fence about! I honestly wasn’t even aware that skinny jeans had been “canceled” until it was suddenly plastered all across my social media channels. I guess you could say I’m a little out of the loop (or as my 20-year-old brother in law says: “old”) when it comes to the rapidly changing fads of social media, but this is one of those trends that’s worth a little discussion in my opinion!

For starters, I have to say that I’ve always been a skinny jean fan, ever since jr. high and high school. There’s something about the slim silhouette and curve-hugging cut that makes me feel so fab and, if I’m honest, quite a bit spicy (lol!). Plus, skinny jeans can almost always be dressed up for date nights, parties, and even weddings/work (provided they aren’t too distressed!), so they’re an all-around wardrobe win for me!

On the contrary, I admit that the growing popularity of the “Dad Jean”, “Mom Jean”, painter’s pant, and other slouchy silhouettes is very appealing, especially as a way to ease back into “normal life” after the pajama days of the pandemic without too much discomfort. The thing is, though, a lot of these baggy, grungy styles do run the risk of looking a little messy if they’re not done right. Plus, it can be a bit hard to find that perfect undone fit without your pants literally coming undone and falling off (trust me, I’ve been there!). So does that mean they’re the ones that are out?

The Verdict

Well, not really. At least, not to me. To me, the greatest thing about fashion is the ability to express yourself visually through what you put on your body. Because of that, I don’t think styles should be censored or canceled just because some people say so. There are plenty of occasions to wear each denim fit, and rock ’em just the same, so the focus should be instead on how you style whichever makes you feel good, rather than whether or not they’re “in”. Here are my universal tips for wearing denim that’ll work no matter what you prefer…

1 | Fit Above All Else

Fit is probably THE most important element in any kind of apparel. If something doesn’t fit you right, it’ll take away from the fabulousness of your overall look, and who wants that?! Whether the fit is supposed to be loose or tight, make sure of two things: you’re comfortable, and your clothes aren’t falling off/in danger of a wardrobe malfunction. Your comfort is key; it looks effortless when you can relax in your outfit and not fidget, tug, pull, squish, or squash. Similarly, it looks sooo much sassier when you’re showing skin, but the parts that are private aren’t peeking out where they shouldn’t be. (This means no nip slips, visible panties/bras where unintentional, and no oopsies when bending over!)

2 | Make the Right Pairings

Just like wine that tastes sooo much better when paired with the right food, your jeans will look hotter when paired with items that complement them! In general, a great outfit is all about balance, so if your jeans are tight, choose a looser top and vice versa. If you want to pair tight on top and bottom, then top it off with an oversized coat or jacket, and relaxed accessories. But, if slouchy is your thing, keep it from looking sloppy by adding some sky-high stilettos, a fitted undershirt, or some really structured-looking accessories. The best street style looks always look intentional, well-planned, and balanced, so you’ll never go wrong with a little extra thought when you’re getting dressed!

Long story short, while there are some trends I love, I definitely don’t abide by many rules when it comes to what I like to wear. After all, what’s the fun in that? Be who you are and express that through your clothes, regardless of what people say! It doesn’t mean you’re out of touch, it means you have your own style perspective.

To celebrate all different style mindsets, here’s a variety of denim I’ve been obsessed with lately that’ll help you expand your style horizons while staying true to yourself! Click the images to shop!

Xx Tabi

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