The New Way to Wear Jewelry This Summer

Every great look needs its accessories to bring it all together. Whether it’s on your fingers, around your neck, or dangling from your lobes, embellishments are essential for any fashionista! But what about your hair?

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Well, just like Marilyn’s iconic moment in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I too love finding new places to wear jewels! This season, the hottest place to wear sparkles is bedecked on your tresses!

And, the more the merrier! Lately, layering and stacking these adornments is the best way to make sure they get seen amongst your locks.

I myself love this trend so much, I’ve really been stocking up on a variety of clips and barrettes any chance I get. But, you might be wondering how to get all these sometime-weighty clips to stay in your hair and not slip out somewhere unexpected (I too have unexpectedly lost pretty hair accessories down the toilet on occasion…but that’s another story…). My trick to avoid sliding hair sparkles? Spray the hair you’re going to clip with some hairspray, then clip! Things will stay a lot better! Also, make sure to not grab too much or too little hair with the clip because that can make it fall out easier too!

Get the Look…

Words, chunky gems, sculptural shapes; there’s so much to choose from! Here are the ones I’m loving… Click to shop!

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