Why Online Consignment & Thrifting is the New Eco-Friendly Way to Shop

Thrifting doesn’t have to mean going through racks of clothes at your local Goodwill (though I have found some great stuff that way!). In 2021, thrifting, like so many other aspects of life, is now going virtual which means the options, and style possibilities, are endless!

Besides the wider variety and convenience of online thrifting, there is one major benefit of buying pre-loved: it’s better for the environment. According to the BBC, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is created globally each year. That’s a lot of style that goes to waste! The thing is, a lot of these items still have a lot of fashion life left in them, so why not give them another chance?

One of my favorite ways to shop online for secondhand styles is a site called The Real Real. I’ve been a customer of theirs since I found some INSANE Gucci Fosca boots from 2017 on their site last year after seeing them on an influencer and scouring the web to get my hands on a pair! (Peep them below…)

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Shopping secondhand can help keep a lot of clothing waste out of landfills, and my favorite part about it is finding unique styles that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt! I’ve found several beautiful designer pieces in pristine condition for a fraction of the retail price that are still relevant to current trends, but no one else is wearing them! Shopping through sites like The Real Real can help you build an interesting wardrobe full of designer styles for a whole lot less, so it’s perfect if you’re trying to satisfy a high-fashion taste while being mindful of a budget like I am. Take a look at some of the fab pieces I’ve found from The Real Real below!

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Xx Tabi

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