Sustainability in Fashion- How Shopping Small + Restyling Can Reduce Waste

One of the easiest ways to reduce clothing waste is by shopping small and restyling your looks. Now, I know what you’re thinking, restyling can surely reduce waste, but how can buying more clothes be sustainable?

Shopping small is good for the environment in several ways. First, a lot of small businesses get their materials locally and produce locally, which means less of an environmental impact from shipping goods around before they’re even purchased. In addition, small brands and businesses tend to keep less of a stock of items, meaning that less goes to waste if things aren’t purchased. Similarly, since things aren’t mass produced, small businesses often take up a lot less energy resources than their big-business counterparts.

Plus with shopping small, there’s the added bonus of scoring some really unique, handcrafted items from people you can build a relationship with! Here are a few of my favorite fashion-related small businesses:

1 | Jay Davis Bags

2 | Lux + Luca Jewelry Co.

3 | Outliar Boutique

Use code MUSADELLAMODA15 for a discount on your first order!

4 | Oliveve Handbags

Use code MDM20 for a discount on your order!

Wolf & Badger also offers a great selection of styles from small, independent designers! Here’s a few of my top picks from their site…

Restyling and rewearing is also one of my favorite ways to reduce my fashion footprint! All it takes is some creativity to reimagine your favorite pieces in a new way! Here are a few of my favorite restyled looks so you can get inspired to rewear your faves, too!

What’s your favorite way to restyle your old faves? Do you have any small businesses you love to support? Happy Earth Day!

Xx Tabi

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