Fashion Brands That Offer Sustainable Styles

Sustainability in the fashion industry is a topic that a lot of brands are trying to quickly address as clothing waste accounts for more and more of what’s thrown into the landfill each year. Making trendy clothes at an affordable price that are easier on the environment is no small feat, but luckily there are several brands seeking to tackle this task!

While most brands who seek sustainability are not perfect (and sometimes pricey!), any progress towards this goal is a good start towards a brighter future for our planet. In honor of Earth Day 2021, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite sustainably-minded brands that you can feel good about, so read on!

1 | H&M

H&M is a fast fashion retailer that has recently started offering an environmentally-friendly line called Conscious, which uses recycled and organic materials wherever possible. Their latest Science Story collection (which is what I’m wearing below!) uses fabrics made from renewable plant resources that grow wild in nature and require less water, and recycled plastics!

2 | Ganni

Ganni also uses recycled fabrics where possible, and even pays for the cost to make some of their items carbon neutral! Even better, their styles are super on-trend and reflect Danish minimalist design! Peep some of my favorite Ganni looks below…

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3 | Vanina

Vanina is an all-around great brand that’s doing more than just good for the planet! They upcycle a lot of their materials, and their bags are made ethically by Lebanese artisans. They even empower local women through weaving apprenticeships! Here’s one of my Vanina faves!

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4 | SEEA

Seea is a local SoCal swimsuit brand handcrafted in California with sustainable materials.Their designs are beautiful, classic, and celebrate women who love the water. I have one of their long sleeve swimsuits, and it’s perfect for snorkeling, paddle boarding and all the watersports without worrying about coverage! I also love their vintage-inspired designs; check out this one below!

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While the fashion industry does have a long way to go regarding true sustainability, we’re leaps and bounds ahead of where we started already. With the selection of environmentally-conscious options steadily increasing, it’s only upwards from here when it comes to a sustainable, fabulous future!

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Xx Tabi

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