3 easy & flattering poses for boudoir photoshoots

I recently started modeling lingerie and working with lingerie brands, and lemme tell you, it can be pretty uncomfortable being in front of the camera in your undies if you aren’t used to it! I’d you’ve ever wondered how to pose for boudoir photoshoots or how to photograph lingerie, I’ve got you covered! Here are 3 of my go-to, universally flattering boudoir photography poses that’ll help you feel comfortable and confident on camera! Read on…

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The Headboard Footrest

This pose plays with perspectives and proportions. Lie on your back with your feet propped up on the headboard of the bed, and have your photographer shoot looking down over you. The upside-down look is unexpected, and it gives you the opportunity to stretch and elongate your body a bit! Tip- slightly arch your back while laying down to emphasize your waist.

The Booty Back

I am personally suuuuper self-conscious of my hips and tummy area, so this pose is perfect for placing less emphasis on these parts of the body. Gently lean your booty against a chair, bed, or windowsill with your knees together, and slightly lean forward with your chest. This will place emphasis more on your chest and make your waist look narrower!

The Slouchy Sit

For this one, it’s all about arching the back to show off that curve! Sit in a chair, but slide down a little like you’re slouching, then arch your back while keeping your booty in the same spot. This will really emphasize your booty! Have your photography shoot from slightly off center for an interesting composition that’ll make your waist look narrower and elongate your frame.

I hope these boudoir posing tips help you feel sexy and confident both on and off camera; follow me on Instagram for more lingerie modeling content and posing tips! If you’re looking for some comfy, affordable, and size inclusive lingerie, shop my picks below by clicking on the images! (Use code pumpsandprotractors for a discount at Parade!)

Xx Tabi

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