Are weighted blankets good for you? Yep- here’s why!

Weighted blankets are the latest home wellness trend, and the big question is: are weighted blankets good for you? Do they really help you sleep better? I’ve tried a few different weighted blankets, and I’m here to give you some honest, first-hand answers to all your weighted blanket questions…

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Are weighted blankets good for you?

Yes, they can be! Weighted blankets are meant to soothe anxiety and restlessness, and help you sleep. According to Penn Medicine, the weight of the blanket puts calm-inducing pressure on your body, and calms your parasympathetic nervous system. AKA- it’s like a giant hug! It provides the same calming feelings as being hugged or swaddled as an infant.

The key here, though, is the weight of the blanket! For adults, choose a weight that’s about 10% of your body weight (so if you’re 120 lbs, pick a weighted blanket that’s 12 lbs). If you’re not used to weighted blankets, a lighter weight is great to start out with! It can take some getting used to, but once you do, I’ve found weighted blankets are very comforting.

I have the Bearaby cotton napper weighted blanket and love it!

Do weighted blankets really help you sleep better?

As someone who has anxiety, I’ve found that weighted blankets do help me sleep better. The gentle pressure helps me toss and turn less, and I feel more rested when I wake up!

Which weighted blanket is best?

I have a chunky knit weighted blanket from Bearaby, which I absolutely love! The open weave makes the blanket more breathable, which is great if you get hot when you sleep (like I do!). Plus, it came with a storage bag and the cotton knit is sooo soft. Shop my Bearaby weighted blanket picks below by clicking on the images below…

If you’re looking for a more traditional blanket, my mom has a linen weighted blanket from Etsy that she loves! It’s handmade and has little pockets filled with natural glass beads. It’s as beautiful as it is functional; the linen looks and feels incredibly luxe! I personally love using her linen weighted blanket when I visit! Shop her linen weighted blanket below…

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