I bought designer heels & the knock off version…which was better?

Mach & Mach heels have been everywhere this season, and it’s sooo easy to see why!! They’re just so darn SPARKLY and the epitome of girly glamour… Who can resist? Well, the one glaring caveat to their appeal is the astronomical price tag (they start at over $1,000 for most styles). Given that everyone seems to want those iconic rhinestone bow heels on their feet, there’s been a surge in designer dupes on the market, many for less than $100! I bet you’re wondering, which is better? Authentic Mach & Mach heels or the Mach & Mach heels dupe? I bought a pair of authentic Mach & Mach heels during Nordstrom’s private designer sale (they were half off!!), and I’ve bought several pairs of the dupes on Amazon, so I’m here to let you in on the secret of which you should choose…

The Designer Heels

The Mach & Mach Bow of Elizabeth heels!

I’ll just be up front: the designer version of anything just feels, fits, and looks different. There’s a reason behind the price! The craftsmanship is there, the details are flawless… Pure artistry, really. That being said, the Mach & Mach heels I bought, the Bow of Elizabeth Imitation Pearl Pointed Toe Pump, did have a few details that felt a little less than luxe. The main part of the shoes that felt a *little* on the cheap side was the faux pearl ankle strap. It was a bit stiff, kinda big on my ankle (granted I do have kinda bone-y ankles), and it felt like they could’ve made it look a little less plastic-like. The jewels and toe of the shoe, however, were even prettier than the item photos online! The material on the toe is more of a matte holographic rainbow than pictured online, and the quilting lines were perfect!

The holographic beauty!

The Designer Dupe

The Mach & Mach double bow dupes in silver!

Okay, so these are not an exact dupe of the Mach & Mach Bow of Elizabeth heels, but they are a direct dupe of the Mach & Mach Double Bow Swarovski crystal pumps! I bought these on Amazon for under $100, and have worn them a TON already! They’re decently comfortable (as comfy as PVC heels can be!) and the quality has been just fine for me! They look very sparkly in person, and are overall very worth the price.

The Verdict

I bought them in red too!

Two major things here. First off, I haven’t yet found a good dupe for the Mach & Mach Bow of Elizabeth heels, and since I love this style and found them for half off, I do think they were quite worth the price. However, would I have paid full price? Probably not… It’s just a lot to ask for something that’s gonna touch the ground consistently… Second, if you are looking for the classic Mach & Mach double bow heels, the dupe is absolutely the better choice IMO. Shoes tend to scuff, step in icky places, and wear pretty fast depending on how often you use them, so why not get a great deal to go with your style? (This way, you can grab em in multiple colors with all the money you saved not buying the designer ones!) Overall, while Mach & Mach heels are exquisitely beautiful, the Mach & Mach heels dupe will save you a TON and no one is going to be able to immediately tell they’re a dupe unless you tell them!

Shop the original Mach & Mach heels & the dupes below…



Xx Tabi

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