What to know before going to influencer events

So you’ve been blogging and posting on social media for a while now, and you just got invited to your very first influencer event; congrats!! Maybe I’m just sentimental about it, but the first time I got invited to a launch party, I was beyond excited and felt like my blogging work was finally paying off!

If you find yourself in the same place, you might be wondering “what do I do at influencer parties” or “what should I know about influencer events”, and to be honest there’s not a whole lot of info out there on the interwebs to be found via Google! So, I thought I’d put together a little guide with helpful tips for influencer events to help you feel prepared! Read on…

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Before the event…


Making sure you RSVP as soon as you receive the invite is crucial to securing your spot at the event and having enough time to make sure there are no issues getting the info you need to attend! Being responsive and replying to brand contacts is key!

Ask about plus ones

Sometimes you can bring a plus one to influencer events, so asking beforehand makes sure you don’t miss out on bringing a friend to talk to!

Plan your look

There’s nothing worse than scrambling to find a cute outfit last minute, so do some research (venue, time of day, theme, etc.) and plan a look that slays a few days before the event!

Do your research

The last tip brings us here: do your research to avoid regret! If you’re not sure about details, ask! Look up the venue online beforehand, know where parking is, know where you’re going, and take a look at past brand events if available for reference so you know what to expect.

Plan transportation

Plan your ride: carpool with friends, have a family member drive you, take an Uber… Whatever mode fits your needs! Just make sure it’s available and reliable before and after your event. Especially if the event includes alcohol, ensure you have a safe way to get home!

Know what to bring

Will the event be outside on a hot summer day? Will you need makeup touch-ups? Bring a few small essentials to get you through! Makeup samples and travel toiletries are great for sticking in your purse, too.

Engage with the brand/hosts

Make your presence known before you even get there! Engage with the brand on social media: like photos, leave genuine comments, and respond to stories so that they recognize you! (PS- there’s a balance to this, so don’t overdo it!)

Be prepared!

I’m a planner, so I know I’m a little overboard, but being prepared limits the amount of stress the day of, so you can relax and enjoy your event!

During the event…

Arrive on time

Getting there too early or too late is a bit of a social faux-pas so plan accordingly to ensure you’re on time or fashionably late!

Network, network, network!

You’re attending this event to celebrate and promote the brand, but who says you can’t (tastefully) promote yourself too? Take the time to meet new friends (you might even connect with fellow bloggers you’ve already been engaging with online!), and gain genuine followers that you can utilize to help grow your network! Making friends in the industry, especially in person, is a great way to grow your personal brand!

Engage with the brand/hosts

Just like with any party, don’t leave without thanking the hosts! Show your face and express your thanks to the people putting on the party!

Get content

Odds are, you’re at this event to spread the word about the brand and product they’re promoting, so get lots of quality content, especially video (which is really popular right now!).

Interact with the space

A lot of influencer events have fun, interactive spaces, so enjoy the venue to the fullest! The Physician’s Formula x Breakfast Club event I just went to had a little makeup station set up, and secret karaoke rooms behind vending machine doors, so this made for some cool content! Check it out below…

Don’t overindulge

Nobody likes it when guests get out of hand, so be careful about how much you enjoy alcoholic drinks to avoid regrets later! Same goes for food and snacks: it’s hard to have good conversations when you feel stuffed (I know, I’ve been there). But, the same is true for being hungry (or hangry…) at an event, so take care of yourself, too!

Have a great time!

Have the best time and let loose a little at your party, you’ve worked hard as an influencer and you deserve to be there! Don’t be intimidated by bigger influencers or feel insecure; you have a ton to offer and wouldn’t be there if you didn’t!

After the event…

Follow up

Don’t just go to the event and ghost all the wonderful connections you made or the brand! Continue to engage with everyone (in moderation lol) to keep those friendships going!

Post content

Thoughtfully post all the fabulous content you’ve gotten and make sure you’re continuing to promote the brand in an authentic way! Which brings me to…

Use event tags

Did the event have special hashtags or location tags? Even story stickers? If so, then use ‘em! Using relevant tags allows you to connect with attendees even after the party’s over! If no tags are available, then use regular brand hashtags and tag the closest location.

Engage with new friends

Building an engaged and loyal following is key to influencer success, so do your part!

Use affiliate links

Use the right affiliate links when showing off products and freebies from the event so you get commission and brand props if people want some too!

Showcase product freebies

And ditto to what I said above when you do!

Engage with the brand/hosts

Don’t stop engaging just because the event is over, it might lead to more invites if you’re a loyal follower!

Post event recaps/mini vlogs

People LOVE video content nowadays, and social media platforms prefer video content over strictly photos, so here are a few ideas to inspire your video posts:

  • Get Ready With Me (GRWM)
  • Event recaps
  • Mini vlogs
  • Let your followers style you for the event
  • Style products received at the event

I hope these tips help you have a successful influencer event! Comment with any tips you have, or stories from past launch parties & follow/subscribe to my blog for more influencer tips!

Xx Tabi

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