5 money saving fashion hacks to try now

Being a fashionista is fun and all, but let’s be honest, it can get pricey! Between the cost of dry cleaning clothes and always looking for fresh ways to style things, your wallet can start wearing thin pretty quickly.

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If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to be a bit more financially sound, here are my top tips for how to save money when it comes to fashion and style…

Put clothes in the freezer instead of dry cleaning/washing…

Fold up your garment and stick it in a ziplock bag to keep your clothes protected from other freezer items!

I’ve heard about this and was so curious to try it! Let me tell you, it really does work! Basically, sticking your clothes in the freezer neutralizes odors and icky-ness so you can rewear them without having to dry clean as often. (Obviously if your clothes get stained or reeeally dirty, you should get them cleaned; this is more for normal everyday wear!) It’s also super helpful for garments that you can’t wash or dry clean at all (& it’s more common than you might think, I have several items that say no to either!). This will help you save money and preserve your clothes!

Upcycle a man’s dress shirt from your spouse…

If you love layered looks, you don’t need to shell out money to buy button down collared shirts if your spouse has em already! The oversized menswear inspired look is super trendy right now, and as long as your spouse doesn’t mind, this fashion hack can save you money and wardrobe space! I styled my hubby’s shirt with a Paco Rabanne chainmail style dress I’ve had for a few years to give it a new spin.

Rewear clothes a few times before washing…

Similar to the first tip: unless you’re really getting your clothes dirty when you wear them, they don’t need to be washed after every use. Washing often actually breaks down your clothes more, and your stuff can start looking worn a lot quicker (especially jeans!). I wear my washable clothes 2-3 times before washing and it helps with having less laundry to do, which ultimately saves you more money (& it’s a sustainable, water saving practice too!).

Rework old garments by getting crafty…

Getting crafty is one of my favorite ways to restyle clothes that I have for not very much money! All you need is some supplies from the craft store and a little time, and you can make yourself something brand new! Check out my Instagram reel on how I upcycled an old sequin tank top & my Pinterest board for diy inspo!

PS – I also added feathers to these cheap Amazon gloves for a designer inspired look for less!

Get your designer fix by shopping secondhand on online designer consignment sites…

Fendi baguette I found on The Real Real for under $600 (New Fendi baguettes can cost over $3,000!)

I’m such a fan of designer consignment / resale sites like The Real Real, Fashionphile, and Vestiaire Collective because you can score some really great deals on otherwise unaffordable stuff! I never pay full price for my designer bags or accessories, so shopping secondhand and accepting pre-loved instead of new is a great way to save money while also investing in wardrobe staples for years to come! Plus, a lot of designer stuff holds its value pretty well depending on what you get, so spending a little more here can help you have some value to sell in the future if you need. I’ve linked a few great designer investments below for you to shop, too, so click on the photos to shop!

I hope these money saving fashion hacks will help you save some cash on your style journey! I’d love to hear how you save money when it comes to fashion, so drop a comment below!

Xx Tabi

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