how to become a Poshmark Ambassador II

If you haven’t heard, Poshmark just introduced their Ambassador II program which adds some great benefits to their existing Poshmark ambassador level! I just reached Ambassador II, so I wanted to share with you a bit about what this program is, how it can benefit you, and how you can get there! Read on…

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What is Poshmark Ambassador II?

It’s the new, next-level-up version of Poshmark’s ambassador program! While their existing program offers benefits like increased traffic to your closet and community events, Poshmark Ambassador II is all about giving additional rewards to dedicated sellers on the platform for all their hard work.

How it can help you make more money…

If you’re a Poshmark ambassador, you already get more promotion of your closet to Poshmark users than the average seller, and the Ambassador II status heightens your influence even more. You also get free or discounted access to Poshmark events, invites to private events, special customer support (which can be super helpful, trust me!), a Poshmark Ambassador II closet badge, and Poshmark’s specialized newsletter. All of these things are meant to drive as many customers to your closet as possible and help you make connections which ultimately lead to more sales! Plus, as I mentioned above, having priority customer support can be huge if you ever have to deal with the unfortunate issue of buyer returns or any other problem that might hamper your business. And, especially if you’re trying to build a loyal customer base, having a badge next to your name on your closet adds to that sense of trust people have in knowing you’re a reliable seller, encouraging new customers to buy from you.

How to become a Poshmark Ambassador II…

Here are the requirements for the program directly from Poshmark’s website…

  • Minimum 20,000 community shares
  • 100 available listings
  • Minimum 50 sold listings
  • Average seller rating of >4.7 stars
  • Minimum 6 months on the app
  • Minimum 1 Posher recruited

Trust me, sharing all those listing can take time, so if you want to get a jump on things, recruit a friend (or spouse like I did, lol!) to log into your account and share listings with you! It goes a lot quicker that way, and I’ve learned that sharing more of others’ stuff on Poshmark means your listings get shared more too (which can result in more sales!).

If you’re trying to get more listings on your account, try breaking up any bundled listings you have into individual item listings, then write in the descriptions that you’re open to bundling or offering special discounts for multiples purchased! (Ie if you have a bundle of shirts, list them individually, then write 3/$25 or something like that in the descriptions.)

I hope these tips help you on your journey to making money as a Poshmark seller! Stay tuned for more tips!

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Xx Tabi

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