the ultimate fashionista’s guide to Heavenly Ski Resort, South Lake Tahoe

I’ve been going to South Lake Tahoe ever since I was a little kid! It’s the perfect combo of California laid-back, remote mountain trails, and hidden gems! One place in particular we visited this Winter was the Heavenly Ski Resort and it was such a cool adventure that I just couldn’t wait to tell you about it! Read on for all the details…

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The Resort

Okay, just to preface things and be honest, the resort was PACKED. I’m no skier but my husband and our friends waited for an hour just to get on the gondola to go up the mountain in the morning, and we waited over an hour in line to order lunch, then another 20 minutes to get food. Not a fun time as far as this goes. I’ve heard rumors that passes were oversold, or because of the Super Bowl holiday; either way it was really ridiculous lol!

Now back to the fun stuff. We love the cute, home-y feel of the resort, and the closeness of nearby restaurants. Plus, it’s close to hiking trails and the lake! It’s definitely nothing fancy, not like the big resorts, but we like it that way. Plus, the gondola is right there along with a lot of rental places, so if you don’t mind the wait, it is convenient!

The Mountain…

Again, SUPER crowded but the most gorgeous views! If you’re not a skier like me, I’d suggest buying a sightseeing pass on the gondola to take in the scenery and play in the snow! It’s a bit pricey ($80+ depending on the day), but for a one time special thing, it’s not too bad!

You can also go by Camp Richardson, which is about a 20-25 minute drive around the lake from the resort to go cross-country skiing and snow shoeing! It’s often less crowded and a fun way to get into the wilderness and enjoy the quiet.

The Hidden Gems…

A favorite spot of ours that’s a bit quieter in the winter is Fallen Leaf lake. When it snows, you’ll have to hike or snowshoe in, but the beauty is unmatched! Go in the morning or risk higher winds, and be sure to pack a snack or two! Park by the entrance to the campground, walk through it, go over a small rise, and the lake is on the other side.

A popular summer spot that’s a lot quieter in winter, we love Sand Harbor for classic Lake Tahoe views, pretty inlets, and super clear blue water! Again, morning is best to go, and it’s about 30 minutes from Heavenly. There is an entry fee of $15+ and they only accept cash so be prepared!

What to Pack…

Winter can get cold up there, but the daytimes can be relatively warm, so layers are a must! Wind is also common thing up in the mountains, and that’s often really chilly, so bring warm, long coats and cozy hats!

Here’s my packing list, tap the photos to shop…

Here’s to all the winter adventures this 2022!

Xx Tabi

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