the best natural cleansers for removing makeup

There are tons of cleansers out there that clean your bare skin, but how many genuinely remove makeup well enough to break through to your skin? Plus, if you’re obsessed with clean beauty products like me, you know that they don’t always give you the deepest clean as they’re usually much gentler than conventional formulas. So what do you do when you love long-wearing (aka hard to get off!) makeup?

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Well I’ve finally cracked the code and found two cleansers that are natural, cruelty free, and remove makeup in a cinch! I have combination skin, so they both work really well for me, but I’ve decided to split them up into two categories: drier skin and oilier skin. This way, you’ll be able to easily make the choice for which is better suited to your skin type! Read on…

The Cleanser for Drier Skin

For skin that needs a little extra moisture, I love Odacité’s Montana Harvest Omega Oil Cleanser! I know cleansing with oil might not be intuitive but I promise it makes such a difference with acne (at least it did for my combo-sensitive skin!) and it really melts makeup for a smooth removal without all that scrubbing and pulling. This is a great one for mature skin too, as it’s hydrating and helps skin feel softer!

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The Cleanser for Oilier Skin

Every once and a while, even though my skin is drier in some spots, I need a DEEP clean, so I reach for this Jelly Cleanser by Herbivore. It’s specifically designed for makeup removal and has such a soft texture! Plus with squalane and rose water, it’s not too stripping. This removed my long wear eyeliner that literally will not come fully off sometimes with ease! I usually put it on my face when damp, rub it in, and wipe it off with a muslin cloth.

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Both of these cleansers are great to have in your arsenal if you’re a makeup lover who loves clean beauty! Either way you go, your skin will feel refreshed and genuinely CLEAN!

Which is your pick and why? Lmk below!

Xx Tabi

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