new clean + cruelty free beauty brands you need to know now

I’m feeling major refresh vibes coming on as we head into Spring, and with that always comes a little beauty routine switch-up! If you’ve been following MDM, you know I’m all about clean ingredients and cruelty free brands when it comes to any beauty product, and there are so many great ones out there that fit the bill!

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Here are my favorite newcomers to the clean beauty scene, and what I thought about their products…


Kosas Wet Lip Oil Plumping Gloss in Dip – shop here

I’ve been a fan of Kosas since last summer when I discovered the brand in my local Sephora store! I’ve only tried their Wet lip gloss so far, but I really love it! My favorite shade is Dip (pictured above). It’s a flattering deep rose shade with the right amount of sparkle that looks great on everyone, and it’s perfect for anyone who likes a subtle lip with a little color. I’ll be trying more of their products soon for sure (I’ve already got my eye on their bronzer!).

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Alpyn Beauty

Alpyn Beauty Triple-C Brightening Bounce Cream – shop here

I received this vitamin C cream as a PR gift, and completely fell in love with the brand after trying it for a few weeks. I love creams that absorb quickly and leave my skin feeling plumped without being greasy, and this one fit the bill! I did start to notice a difference in my skin’s brightness and overall refreshment after using it consistently, so this one’s now a regular in my skincare routine. (Plus it smells like citrus, so how could you not love it?)

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Evanhealy Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm – shop here

I found out about Evanhealy through my mom, who’s an even bigger fan of clean beauty than I am! I noticed this in her makeup bag and, like any good daughter, sampled it for myself while we were visiting for the holidays. There’s two things I love about it: one, I love targeted treatments that are in easy-to-use formats, so having an eye balm that goes on like lip balm made it quick to apply without getting it all over my face in the process. Two, I felt like this truly hydrated my under eye area, and left it feeling soothed after a long day in front of a screen. The formula doesn’t run, doesn’t irritate my eyes, and I also took a cue from my mom and use it as an overnight lip treatment. Plus, it’s a great budget friendly option compared to a lot of eye creams. A win-win!

Shop more Evanhealy beauty products below…

Koa Life

Koa Life Mist Me Rejuvenating Toner – shop here

Is it just me or are facial mists the best? While I can’t really say I’ve noticed a huge difference since using this one, I can attest to how soothing and spa-like it feels to spray it on when I need a pick-me-up. I love mists especially after spending time in the sun, or at night to set all my skincare products. This one seems to calm my skin a lot, even when breaking out, so I’ll keep it in my arsenal for sure!

Shop more Koa Life beauty products here…

Roze + Quartz

Roze + Quartz Hair Mask – shop here

As someone who bleaches their hair and wears it super long, I NEED good hair masks that actually hydrate. This one was amazing, and I like that the single-use pouch keeps the product fresh while also letting you try it without buying a whole tub. It’s also really convenient for travel, too, so make sure you pack this one if you’re always on the go!

Shop more Roze + Quartz haircare products on Amazon below…

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