easy ways to revamp your wfh space

Working from home has become more and more prevalent since the pandemic, and tbh I couldn’t be happier with this new norm! I’ve always been such a homebody, and being able to wfh has made it so much easier for me to manage my anxiety and PMDD. I know it’s not for everybody, but for the hubs and me it’s truly been the biggest blessing to come out of a time of struggle!

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The trouble is, I’ve never really thought about a designated home “work space” until now, having recently started a new job where video chats are a daily part of life. I call myself a “nomadic worker” because, ever since high school and even college, I just can’t stay in one spot to work for large amounts of time (also another reason a conventional office setting didn’t work so well for me!). I tend to move around the house, from desk to kitchen table to couch, even the patio when the weather is nice, but now that I need to look presentable for at least part of the day, I wanted to create a comfortable space to land when I have to!

Here’s what I did to make my existing desk space a bit more comfortable (for not too much $$$)…

Reconfigure Your Room

A lot of times, you might not need more furniture; rearranging what you have can give you a fresh perspective and layout that’ll work better for your needs! For me, I took the existing dresser and desk in our master bedroom and I switched the sides they were on. Not only did it make more sense since we have asymmetrical vaulted ceilings, but it also meant that my desk now faces a window so it upped the natural light in my workspace!

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Get a Comfy Chair

Having a comfortable place to sit is a must for any workspace! It can mean the difference between a looot of neck and back pain, and a relaxing workday. I needed one that would push all the way under my desk, and be somewhat plush, but also simplistic. Here’s the one I got for under $200

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Accessorize According to Your Needs

I love being able to put my feet up during the day, so I bought a small footstool that I can easily move around. It has such a cute texture, and it’s sooo soft! Plus, it can also serve as a spot to photograph products when I’m in social media mode, so it was a great investment for not a lot of $ (hint-it was under $60)!

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Creating a cool, serene wfh doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money; it’s all about being intentional with your space! Here’s my favorite budget-conscious home decor pieces to wake up your work space…

Xx Tabi

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