the ultimate fashionista’s guide to Las Vegas

I’m a little late in writing this since my birthday trip to Vegas was over a month ago, but here it goes! This is my ultimate guide to taking on Vegas like a true fashionista, including where to take cute pics, where to eat, and what we love to do! Read on…

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Where to stay…

It’s been quite a while since we stayed in Vegas, and this time we went with the Wynn! This hotel captured our hearts the last time we were in town with its whimsical, colorful decor and upscale feel, so it was our number one must-stay.

We got a great deal on our room (King bed with a view), and were blown away that we actually snagged a room on their top floor with an amazing view of the golf course along with a special set of elevators for rooms above the 27th floor!

Here’s a peek at our view during the day…
And at night!

The room itself was so chic, comfy, and clean that we didn’t want to leave! The bathroom had a separate tub and shower, dual vanities, and even a little stool + makeup counter area. The curtains and lights were hooked up to the Amazon Alexa so you could control them via voice commands, and one touch on the control pad by the front door simultaneously opened the drapes and turned on the lights when we came in, so it really felt ultra-luxe!

Plus, the windows spanned one entire wall from floor to ceiling in front of the bed and there was a flat screen TV that could be rotated out from the wall, so we watched both sunrises and movies while snuggled in for the perfect romantic time.

Speaking of movies, we ordered the Feature Presentation from the room service menu, which included a bucket of popcorn, candies, and drinks for two. It was a little pricey at $28, but since it was a special occasion, it felt nice to do a little self-spoiling!

What to do…

I have to say, the hubby and I aren’t gamblers or drinkers, so we didn’t really partake in a lot of the typical Vegas stuff, but we love to explore and do some of the more quirky things on and off the Strip.

Noah had never seen the fountains at the Bellagio, so for our first night we drove over to Aria and took the tram over to the Bellagio to get a good vantage of the show. It was crowded but we got a great view! The show really is a must-see, especially for people who haven’t seen it before! The water and lights are incredible and being there at night added to the ambiance for sure.

After that, we wandered up and down the Strip and found a few great photo spots (which I’ll share below!), then headed back to the Wynn to explore the shops. They have a TON of high-end designer stores, but if you’re looking for something a bit more accessible and budget-friendly (like we were!), the Venetian and Fashion Show mall nearby have everything you could ever want!

So much fabulous style!

Besides the amazing shopping, my favorite thing to do in Vegas is visit the Neon Museum. It’s a collection of vintage neon signs from a bunch of famous places around the city, and some of them still work! It’s an outdoor museum, and our favorite time to go is right as the sun starts to set to get the most of the lights.

A few things to know before you go: you book tickets by time slot, so be mindful and make sure you arrive in plenty of time! In addition, their photography policy is a bit strict; they don’t allow cameras other than your phone unless you book a special private session for an additional fee (and subject to availability; we tried and couldn’t get in for one!), and if you plan to use the photos for commercial purposes (the definition of which is listed on their site), you need to have prior approval and pay a larger fee.

We’ve always had good luck taking photos with our phones, though, so you definitely won’t be missing out if you’d like to snap a few photos while wandering around! One of these days we’ll plan a bit better and book a photo session, but considering how last minute I am, I don’t think it’ll be soon (haha)!

Last but not least, we visited the M&M store! I’m usually not a huge candy fan, but the wide variety of colorful and unusually flavored M&Ms was such a treat, literally! The store has four floors of M&M themed clothing, toys, gifts, and of course a huge wall of candies that you can pour into pretty much every kind of dispenser imaginable!

Where to eat…

We didn’t have a ton of time with all the running around, so we stayed around the Wynn for food. The two places I’d 1000% recommend? The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas and Terrace Pointe Café.

The best photo spots…

Last but certainly not least: my favorite Vegas photo spots!

On the Strip…

Off the Strip…

Hope you enjoy your Vegas trip if you’re headed there soon!! Comment below your favorite spot and I’ll check it out next time!

Xx Tabi

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