the top designer classics you should invest in this year

Designers like Chanel, Fendi, Prada, and others never go out of style; they stay relevant throughout the years! Investing in a timeless closet staple is always a good idea, and your pieces could become heirlooms that might even make you a little something should you want to trade them in in the future. So how do you choose the right pieces that’ll go from now to forever?

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Just a disclaimer- I am not an expert on designer investment pieces by any means but I have done a good amount of research and spend a lot of time checking out the resale market, so this is just what I’d recommend based on my findings. Plus, you have to love what you buy, so make sure what you choose is equally fun for you to wear now as it is a classic!

Here’s how I see it…

1 | Choose brands wisely.

Certain brands, like Chanel or Hermes, are more likely to appreciate in value because the brands themselves are well-established symbols of luxury that tend to have pretty high (and increasing) price tags if you buy brand new. These factors cement their pieces as timeless treasures, and you definitely can’t go wrong if you can afford the initial investment! Plus, the resale market for these two brands is hopping, so you can always find a pre-loved one (but whether or not the price is that much lower than new is a bit of a toss up!)

My very first Chanel bag I scored on The Real Real!

2 | What it is is as important as who it is.

Bags tend to be my go-to choice when it comes to designer pieces. Other items like sunglasses, shoes, and clothing can be good choices, but because handbags tend to be more versatile and less subject to trend changes, I feel like they stay relevant longer in terms of wearability and resale value.

3| Style matters.

Certain silhouettes and styles are the way to go, especially for bags. IMO, styles that are central to a brand’s identity best stand the test of time.

My favorite Dior Book Tote!

For example, a Fendi Baguette, Chanel Classic Flap, Hermes Birkin, Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag, Dior Book Tote, YSL Shoulder Bag, or Louis Vuitton Speedy are all styles that have been reimagined throughout the years and will likely continue to be for years to come. That means, as long as they’re in good condition, these styles can still look current whether you bought them 20 years ago or now. Plus, if you can snag a special edition rendering of these, they might even be worth more someday!

My favorite Fendi Baguette!

Here are the investment pieces I’m shopping for…

I hope this post was helpful!! I’m always looking for ideas on how I can help you on your shopping journey, so feel free to drop me an email or comment and we can chat!

Xx Tabi

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