The Ultimate Las Vegas Packing List

I’m officially 26, and we’re headed off to Vegas to celebrate!! I am BEYOND excited; you have no idea! It’s been a few years since we’ve been to the city of glitter, and after all this time staying home, I am ready to PAR-TAY!

To make sure the party is poppin’, I have the ultimate packing list of styles that’ll have you dancing all night long! Read on…

My essentials for Vegas break down into three categories: Sparkle, Feathers + Fluff, and Fabulous Shoes! These are the three things you’ll need to look and feel amazing IMO, and Vegas is all about over-the-top, luxe looks! Read on & shop below…


Sparkle is essential to any party! Pop some into your look in unexpected ways: on your accessories or on accents…

Feathers + Fluff

Fluff feels luxe, and I love a little bit of fancy-ness! Trim some opera gloves, or sleeves, and embrace faux fur jackets!

Fabulous Shoes

Shoes are hands down my favorite way to express a fun party attitude, so live it up with your footwear choices! Rhinestones are a must, and see-through details are super of-the-moment!

I can’t wait to show you all the fun looks I have planned!! Stay tuned…

Xx Tabi

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