Do Period Undies Really Work?? A First-Time User’s Honest Review

There’s been a lot of menstrual-management things out there lately- from cups to absorbent undies, disposable pads and tampons aren’t your only option anymore! I hadn’t ever tried another way to handle “that time” until now, and have to admit that I’ve been a bit skeptical and grossed out by a lot of the newer options. But, I finally took the plunge and tried some period-absorbing undies, so read on to hear my honest & unsponsored opinion…

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I tried the Thinx For All briefs in Super Absorbency in size Small which I got from Urban Outfitters for $17 before tax. This model is slightly more accessibly priced that their other underwear options (which range from about $24 – $40, depending on the style and absorbency) . They seemed like a good starter for me, especially since I didn’t want to spend a ton if they didn’t work as promised.

Now, time for a little TMI. (Squeamish people skip to the end..) My periods aren’t super duper heavy but they’re not light either, and I tend to get a LOT of cramps and bleeding the first day or two especially. I usually prefer tampons cuz I personally hate the look/feeling of pads (no judgement if they’re your thing, though!), but can’t handle tampons the first few days due to the pain. I also don’t tend to get a ton of bleeding at night, and so I never wear anything special (ie super long pads) when I sleep.

The Verdict

I started wearing these in the morning of my very first and heaviest day, and I was honestly so surprised. No leaks whatsoever, and no gross feelings! I will say, the only thing I wasn’t the craziest about was the thicker seams around the inner leg (obviously because of the padding down there) and it did rub a bit. Luckily, the seams softened a bit after a few washes, so it really wasn’t bad.

I washed them (and dried them in the dryer even though they don’t recommend it) and re-wore them the second day to no leaks again! I didn’t have to worry about shifting the way I would with a pad. Plus, they were comfortable to wear during the cramps and discomfort of the first few days. I’m definitely a fan, and love not having to worry about carrying extra pads or tampons with me when I go out. I also tend to feel super unattractive at that time too due to the awkwardness of pads, so wearing normal-looking underwear helped boost my confidence a bit!

A few tips if you want some for yourself:

  • They initially feel a little diaper-ish, but washing a few times will help them soften up
  • Due to the padding, visible panty lines can be more prominent, so maybe save tighter looks for later unless you get a thong or less absorbent style
  • I throw mine in the dryer to speed things up a bit, but if you want em to last a little longer, air drying is best

More Options

I also ordered these from Bambody on Amazon because they were a great price and got mostly favorable reviews! I’ll be trying these out to see how I like them compared to Thinx so stay tuned!

My first impressions are that they’re really soft, but not quite as thick as the Thinx!

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Overall, I’m really glad I decided to break from the traditional way of period care! While it’s not exactly a pleasant experience every month, finding things that help you be comfortable and less self-conscious goes so far. If you have a favorite brand of period undies, let me know below! I’d love to try more brands! Hope this helps you find the right fit for you & your body during your period!

Xx Tabi

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