What’s on My Wishlist for Holiday 2020

How are the holidays already so close?! All I can say is, this year has been that which will go down in history for a lot of reasons (a global pandemic and the infamous toilet paper shortage to name a few), and with so many of us longing to move onto a better year, it’s time to close out this one with a (positive) bang.

So, what am I hoping for this holiday season to start anew? I’ve curated a list of cozy-chic essentials with a few snazzy staples sprinkled in, perfect for whatever the new year brings! Scroll through my all-time favorite gifts below, and take this as a cue to treat yourself and your loved ones for making it through this crazy year…

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Hoping you and your families stay safe this holiday season, and enjoy your time together, no matter what together looks like.

Xx Tabi

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