Trend Talks- Are Bracelet Stacks Making a Comeback?

You know which ones I’m talking about: those delightfully colorful, somehow-always-the-wrong-size bracelets crafted from tiny wooden beads or carefully woven from threads that were made in droves during late 1990s/early 2000s sleepovers and sleep-away camps. Or the ones you inevitably purchased in tourist shops on sun-soaked vacations with the fam and wore by the dozens on your wrists and ankles all summer until they, water-logged and mildewed, fell off without you even noticing. I myself finally said goodbye to these relics of nostalgia after I graduated college and made the attempt to “adultify” (in a strictly professional sense) my wardrobe to fit the “real world” I was now entering into.

Turns out, that was a goodbye that didn’t last long! Lately, everyone from fashion influencers to major designers have been recreating homespun styles in chic (and many times, pricey) ways. (Think Dior’s woven J’ADIOR bracelets, Viktor and Rolf’s revival of the patchwork granny square, or Alon Livne’s re-interpretation of rugs as capes reminiscent of those latch-hook craft kits.)

Fortunately for me (and my wallet!), I stumbled across a small brand serving up a slice of handmade baubles that hearkened to my childhood with both a price and personal touch that I could feel great about. They’re called Bandana Love, and they were kind enough to send me eight styles of my choosing from their bracelet collection to try! (Tip- they also have necklaces and a few other adornments perfect for any 90s kid!)

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of their craft from the moment I opened the adorable blue and white paisley padded envelope. They carefully wrapped each bracelet by the set of two or three in navy-colored tissue and handmade, quirky-patterned fabric dust bags that brought back memories of playing with vintage fabric scraps at the house of my seamstress great-grandmother as a kid. I had chosen several styles featuring daisy charms (my obsession as of late being all things flower power), as well as one each of their signature braided bandana style, floral ribbon, and heart beads. They fit like a charm (pun only halfway intended), and I instantly felt the flares of my youth, albeit in a much more refined way!

For a nod to those aforementioned high-fashion handicrafts, I threw on a basic cream-colored Palmacea swimsuit and a flower embroidered silk trench from the ever-amazing Daizy Shely, striped my arms with rows of Bandana Love bracelets, and hit the beach for a little late-autumn sun soak.

Now let me tell you, having been away from California for a few years, I’ve still trying to fill the beachy void in my wardrobe, even after all these months of being back! But, I think I got more than a few steps closer to re-attaining those SoCal vibes with the addition of these little wrist-worn treasures.

So, yes, bracelet stacks are definitely making a comeback. It’s safe to say they’re here to stay.

If you’re down for a dose of nostalgia, check out their site and use code MDM10 for a special discount!

Xx Tabi

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