Style Muses- Themed Looks

Who doesn’t love a good theme party?! Maybe it’s me trying to relive the birthdays of my childhood, or my slight obsession with Disney movies, but a dip into the fanciful never gets old! The problem is, how do you get those theme feels on a daily basis without looking, well, a little crazy (and not in a good way!) in the process?

The key is to make your look inspired by your favorite theme; essentially, think in the figurative and not the literal! Take mermaids for example…

Both of these looks were inspired by my favorite mermaid movie, Aquamarine! (Where my early 2000s girls at?!) To keep the looks from getting too *fishy*, I thought of elements that reminded me of mermaids: bright colors, fin-like ruffles, watery tie-dye, flashy metallics, slinky silhouettes, and lots of layered accessories. Pair these with tousled, beachy waves in undone hair and you’ve got a look that’s totally Aqua-approved. 

My secret to a grown-up theme look is to think outside the box! Explore your character. Learn how to make dress-up modern by including accents, not the actual. To quote The Princess Diaries, “To be a princess, you have to believe that you’re a princess.” The crown is totally optional!

And, to help make your fairytale dreams come true, I’ve put together some of my favorite whimsical pieces to top off any theme-inspired look!

Xx Tabi

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