Why I still use (& swear by!) a beauty tool my grandma used

Beauty innovations are everywhere in 2023. The latest viral TikTok beauty hack, Instagram makeup tutorials, lazy girl beauty tips… there’s clearly no shortage of new ideas when it comes to beauty rituals! But, are we too busy forgetting the old tried-and-true beauty hacks our moms and grandmas used? Honestly, sometimes the old ways are still really relevant in the beauty niche, and there’s one old-school nail salon-approved gadget that I used all the time while visiting my grandma that I can’t get enough of: the paraffin wax hand dip.

Growing up, my grandma’s house was full of aromatherapy lotions, pretty clothes, and plenty of nail care stuff (since she always had flawless nails!), so visiting her house was like a girly-girl’s dream! She had tons of as-seen-on-tv beauty tools that I loved trying, but the one that stuck with me was the paraffin wax dip machine. As a kid, I loved playing with the wax and peeling it off my hands, and my hands felt so silky after using it! Now, as an adult with a pretty computer-intensive job and a penchant for uncomfortable but chic shoes, the paraffin wax dip is more than just a fun novelty.

I still love paraffin wax dips because the heat is so soothing to achy hands and feet, and I still haven’t found anything else that makes my skin feel quite as moisturized. I love using mine in particular after I do my nails to re-moisturize my cuticles! Plus, it’s a life saver for dry winter hands! I think I’ll always use and love them!

As far as types of paraffin wax baths and models you can find, they range in size from just hands to hands plus feet. My one tip if you’re ordering one for hands and feet is to really pay attention to the size of the bath vs. your foot size! Some baths can technically accommodate a foot, but only a smaller shoe size. The paraffin wax bath I bought is from Conair and it a great entry-level wax bath. I can use it for my feet (women size 7 shoes) or hands, and it’s very simple to use with just an on/off setting. (Ie you don’t have to worry about temperature adjustments or anything complicated!) The price of this Conair paraffin bath is really affordable too: $32.99 at Amazon!

Shop my favorite Conair paraffin wax warmer below:

Paraffin wax dips are one of my favorite beauty secrets to moisturize and soothe hands + feet, so thank you to my grandma for sharing this old-school beauty hack with me! Lemme know in the comments if you try this one & be sure to subscribe to my blog for more beauty tips!

Xx Tabi

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