Why this iconic Tom Ford-era Gucci bag is THE must-have in any fashionista’s closet

With the resurgence of Y2K and noughties fashion trends recently, the resale market has seen a huge boom in fashionistas and collectors seeking iconic styles of yesteryear. But one designer and era in particular has had me on the hunt, and after finally snagging this piece of fashion history, I can honestly say: hop on your devices and find one asap!

Shop this bag here (one left!)

Okay, let’s rewind a bit. Tom Ford was creative director at Gucci from 1994-2004, and he is credited with reviving the formerly downtrodden fashion house into the global brand it is today. In his final collections for Gucci in 2004, Ford introduced an opulent new bag that was as lush as it was chic. The Tom Ford Gucci dragon bag was born, and today is a rare collector’s item that’s still too relevant to be a relic. With (rather heavy) gold bamboo-style chain handles, richly toned leather accents, peekaboos of velvet (in certain styles), and the namesake pearl-clutching dragon clasp reminiscent of something you’d find in an Upper East Side townhome in the 1920s, this bag was one heck of a send-off for an iconic designer.

Shop this bag here (one left!)

Well, that’s all pretty cool, but why do I need one? For me, the answer to that question is a combination of the rarity and interest of such a statement piece, combined with the story behind it. Yes, there’s Gucci Dionysus and Marmont bags that you’ll see on the arms of people at most malls, but there’s something special, almost mysterious, about those crystal-eyed dragons. It makes you take notice, and it definitely does not suggest that a ton of people might own one. Plus, given that they can (especially in certain colorways) be tricky to find given the recent demand for Y2K styles, buying one provides a bit more of that “thrill of the chase” buzz that I especially happen to love when it comes to shopping! In case that’s not enough, buying a piece from a well-known collection and designer is a great way to invest in quality pieces that will serve you and your wardrobe for years to come!

Those details though! Shop this bag here (one left!)

I have to say, when I first read about the Tom Ford Gucci dragon bag in Vogue and tracked down a few styles on resale sites, I have to admit I wasn’t immediately sold (well I was, but only on the colorways that had already been sold and that I, of course, couldn’t find anywhere!). After a lot of debate and input from a reluctant, but supportive, husband, I ended up buying a rich jewel-toned purple (almost royal blue) dragon bag with alligator embossed accents. (There’s actually one more of this same color still available on The Real Real, so click here if you’re interested!) When it came in the mail, I was totally and completely surprised and blown away! The color was much deeper than the photos, the dragon clasp had sparkling crystals I hadn’t been able to see that well in the photos, and the whole bag just felt more special than I had initially thought it would. I am 100/10 satisfied with this bag, and I’m so glad I didn’t let poor website photos deter me from making it mine!

If you love unique fashion finds as much as I do, and want a Gucci Tom Ford dragon bag for yourself, below are a few resale listings that are still available! Just click the photos to shop & let me know in the comments which one you got!

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Xx Tabi

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