The $88 Abercrombie dress that just went viral – here’s how to buy one

I might be a little late to the game on this viral TikTok dress, but now that I’ve seen how pretty it is, I just couldn’t help but order one for myself! I’m talking about the Abercrombie Strappy Plunge Corset Maxi Dress ($88) that skyrocketed into popularity thanks to TikTok fashionista Gym Tan (@californiaistoocasual). The stylish 61-year-old showed off her amazing eye for chic simplicity in the solid black colorway of this cottagecore-inspired dress, and the internet literally went wild! (Her video is now up to over 1 million views!)

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Sadly, the all-black number she wore is sold out, BUT the dress is still available in a few different colorways on Abercrombie’s website (and it’s on SALE!!) so shop below before you miss out on this viral TikTok dress!

The brown version

Perfect for transitioning to Fall!

The floral version

I personally snagged this one! The florals are timeless and instantly read cottagecore-vibes.

The similar version

This one (also from Abercrombie!) is an easy dupe of the Strappy Plunge Corset Maxi Dress if plunging necklines aren’t your thing!

How to style it

Tan did a great job accentuating the clean lines of this minimal corset dress with a few tasteful accessories and simple sandals, so take a nod from her style files with a few of my companion picks below…

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Xx Tabi

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