how to get that Gilded Glamour Met Gala look in your wardrobe

The theme for this year’s Met Gala is Gilded Glamour, so what exactly does that mean? And how can you incorporate Met Gala inspired fashion into your own everyday wardrobe? Here’s my guide to the 2022 Met Gala theme and what to shop to get your own glam look…

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What is Gilded Glamour?

Inspired by the Gilded Age (from 1870-1890), expect the Met Gala outfits this year to be over-the-top, opulent, and an ostentatious homage to an era where fashion meant excess. Embellishments like bows, corsetry, ruffles, and long trains are to be expected, but with a twist of modernism and political commentary that have come to define the Met Gala. Take this infamous golden costume worn by Mrs. Vanderbilt herself in 1883 as a little inspo for what to expect…

How to dress like Met Gala celebrities this year…

Okay, so it might not be 100% feasible to wear opulent costumes that you’re not able to sit down in on an everyday basis for most of us. But, you can create some looks that are just as inspired, but a bit more wearable!

Look for gold touches, pearls, layers of embellishments, lace, feathers, fringe; pretty much anything that’s extra! Corset details also give a nod to the era while also playing into one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022!

Here’s what I shared on my Instagram stories… (Scroll to the bottom to shop!)

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Shop these Sarah Flint shoes here with $50 off!
Shop these Sarah Flint shoes here with $50 off!

Shop all my Gilded Glamour picks below by clicking on the photos…

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