the best free platforms to land more paid and gifted partnerships as a creator

I started out being a creator just because I love creating content. I love styling outfits and coming up with creative ways to capture life through photos, and it wasn’t until I got my first paid partnership on Instagram shortly after I hit 1,000 followers that I started really seeing my passion as something that could be a great source of income. Since then, I’ve learned so much more about paid partnerships and gifted collaborations, and I found some amazing free platforms for influencers that have helped me connect with brands! Here’s a few of my favorites along with an honest review and a link to sign up for each of them…

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I recently started using Insense, and one thing I like is that it gives you the opportunity to negotiate your price for your work to some extent with brands. I just started my first few paid opportunities, so I’ll keep you posted on how they go, but so far so good! The only thing I wish Insense had is more mainstream, larger name brands. But, everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and I love that there’s non-posting options too! (Basically you can create UGC content that you just give to the brand and don’t have to worry about posting yourself- more about UGC content in another post!)

Soapbox Influence

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I’ve been on Soapbox for a month or so and haven’t gotten any work yet, but there are a lot of opportunities for non-fashion-specific creators on this platform. (Think home care brands, sporting events, motherhood products, etc.) It can be pretty regional too with the opportunities they offer, but if you’re selected and a good fit, it seems like the compensation is pretty fair for what they ask!


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I’ve been using Octoly for a while now, and even though it’s only a gifting platform (ie no paid opportunities), I really love being able to see a selection of products and apply for the ones I want to try. Plus, if you do good work for a brand, they might pick you again and again for their gifting campaigns, and I’ve been able to build relationships with a few brands this way! All in all you have to be open to creating for only product exchange if you go for this platform, but it’s great for smaller creators and anyone looking for an easy way to start partnering with brands. Some of the items only require story posting or just a text review on the brand’s website, so it’s nice to have the option to create without a feed post.

There’s so many platforms and collectives out there for creatives to find freelance content creator work, and I’m still learning myself about all the opportunities available! Let me know in the comments if you’ve found any influencer platforms you like that help you find partnerships, I’d love to explore them! Hope these resources help you make money as a creator and grow your business!

Xx Tabi

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