how to layer jewelry like a fashion influencer

I love layering jewelry; it really gives depth to any outfit! I have to admit, I’ve struggled a bit with mastering this art, but after a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally devised a set of tips for layering your jewelry like fashion influencers do! Read on…

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My favorite pieces to layer are necklaces hands down! Mostly because I have trouble finding rings and bracelets that fit me (lol). Here’s my formula for how to layer necklaces:

  1. Choose one long necklace, one medium length, and one that’s short/choker length. Make sure the lengths are clearly different from one another so they don’t interfere with each other when you put them on!
  2. Choose contrasting chains. Mix heavier textures like snake chain and paper clip chain with finer ones for the perfect balance.
  3. Mix up the pendants. Go for coin pendants paired with pearls, or charm clusters mixed with crystal drops; just make sure none of them are too similar so each can stand out!
  4. Choose a dominant color when you’re mixing metals. If you love gold, make it the standout metal in your stack with add ins like silver playing a supporting role!

Another top tip- when you’re layering a lot of jewelry, choose a simpler outfit with a neckline that really highlights the jewelry without hiding or trying to compete with it! Think a crisp button down collared shirt or a dress with a deep V. A dusting of bronzer and highlighter on your décolleté draws all the attention to your pretty accessories!

Shop my favorite Ettika layering necklaces below by clicking on the photos…

What are your favorite influencer style tips? Comment below!

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