Amazon moving essentials for fashionistas

Our new home is closing so soon, and packing up my closet has been a BIG task to say the least! Luckily we’ve had the help of my mom to pack it all up or else we’d still be stuck (lol!). Throughout this whole process, I’ve discovered a lot of moving hacks to save money where we can, and several of them are things I’ve found on Amazon for a great price! These are my favorite Amazon moving essentials for fashionistas (or really anyone who has a lot of closet stuff to move!)…

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Garment Bags

These are a must for moving fancy dresses or clothing with lots of embellishments!

Extra Large Trash Bags

These are a great money saver when it comes to moving clothes! Keep your clothes on the hanger, then place them in a bag and tie or tape the open end of the bag around the hanger hooks so you can reuse the bags for trash later!

Sunglasses Storage Case

A lifesaver for safely transporting and/or traveling with your sunglasses collection!

Shoe Dust Bags

I keep all my nicer or embellished shoes in dust bags to protect them while traveling or moving, so these bags are double duty!

Purse Dust Bags

Great for storing purses or moving!

I’m so excited to move into our new space; stay tuned for a lot of photos and new house content soon!!

Xx Tabi

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