everything you need to know about the H&M x Iris Apfel collection

Get excited- H&M is doing yet ANOTHER highly-anticipated designer collaboration this Spring! If you’re not familiar, Iris Apfel is a fashion icon and model whose fabulously maximal style has captivated the style world for decades! Her signatures include bright colors, intricate mixes of patterns, and lots of stacked, oversized accessories, so this collection will be WILD!

Shop the H&M x Iris Apfel collection here!

To make sure you don’t miss out on this collaboration, here’s what you need to know about the H&M x Iris Apfel collaboration

What it is…

A super limited collection combining Iris Apfel’s signature maximalism and timelessness with H&M’s trendy affordability! There are about 35 pieces total in the whole collection, and they’re great for mixing and matching with stuff you already have in your wardrobe!

When it drops…

The H&M x Iris Apfel collection drops on April 14 for the US and Canada, but will be released in the UK on March 31. Mark your calendars and follow these tips to ensure you get what you want (H&M’s collaborations are notorious for selling out VERY quickly!):

  • Pay attention to the release time (the website usually shuts down before the launch to prepare, and they’ll put people on a sort of virtual “waiting list” then start letting people in right when it goes live.)
  • Log onto H&M’s website at least ten minutes early (it’ll help you get your place in line to access their site quicker! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get let in right away; keep refreshing your devices!)
  • Have multiple people on different devices help you (my husband will log on via his laptop, and we’ll have the site up on our tablets because you never know which will be let in first!)
  • Know what you want ahead of time! (The day of the launch is NOT the time to make decisions on what to buy! With the potential delay in access time, you want to get to the items you want as quickly as you can, add to cart, then checkout fast!)
  • Have your devices signed into your H&M account and make sure your auto fill settings for payment and addresses are ready to go! (Quick is key!)

What’s in the collection and how to shop…


The H&M x Iris Apfel collection is beyond FABULOUS!! I’ve already been listing after several pieces, so I’m going to have a LOT of narrowing down to do!

Here are all the pieces from the collab as shown on H&M (click the photo to shop!):

Shop the H&M x Iris Apfel collection here!

Hope you snag all the pieces from the H&M x Iris Apfel collection you’ve got your eye on!! Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more fashion news!

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