3 clean + cruelty free red lipsticks that are super easy to wear

A red lip is always classic, chic, and cool, no matter the season! The thing is, I am so not good at applying lipstick… It’s either too dry, too smudgy, or it ends up all of my face/teeth. I love a little lip color, but needed something that was a great lipstick for beginners, so I scoured the market and found three easy-to-apply and wear lipsticks that are clean + cruelty free! Read on…

The Everyday Red

This one is so soft and moisturizing that you’ll forget you have lipstick on! (Which is a huge plus for me, since matte lipsticks dry out my lips waaay too much…) It goes on smoothly and fades really evenly when you eat and drink so you’re not left with that awkward lip-liner-only look. If you’re into longwear, this is something you will have to reapply pretty often, but because it blends so easily, you don’t need lip liner and a steady hand to make it look effortless! I’d say this is a red that works well for everyday, and is great with minimal makeup, messy hair, and jeans; just swipe it on and go!

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The Classic Red

This one gives you the boldest color out of the three on this list, but it’s great for a night out! It still feels soft like a lip balm, but stays put a bit better for a longer-lasting look!

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The Subtle Red

Sometimes I just want a little color that I can swipe on while I’m on the go, so I love Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms! They’re great for summer when you’re going from the beach or pool to a dinner out, and the color is pretty buildable yet still sheer! It fades so evenly that you don’t even really notice, plus it’s a really moisturizing tinted lip balm.

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Xx Tabi

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